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WHB# 171 - home made salt and sweet breadcrumbs

ciaoo and welcome to this week's herb blogging,
we are meeting in susan's kitchen...the well-seasoned cook

this interesting idea is kalyn's, and from now hold by haalo.
thank's both of you :)
if you would like to join, please read the
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this time I would like to tell you how to di your own breadcrumbs,
perhaps you already do..
or maybe you always thought it was difficult or complicated to do by your self.
it is not! :))

I usually do salted breadcrumbs of old bread, the bread I bake most is made of durum wheat, and I don't add any salt.

I add fresh aromatic herbs together with the bread and then grind together and let dry a little.
put in plastic boxes and keep in your freezer, it will last for several months.

but I also recycle in this way old grissinis, or saltine crackers , salt biscuits or salt shortbread.
you know, once you open those bags you have to finish what's in.
me not beeing able to throw away any kind of food, finds this way of recycling perfect. :)

you can use the herbal breadcrumbs on ovencooked vegetables.
it gives to vegetables an extra "crunch" and a delicius perfume.
just season over the vegetables in the last 15min of cooking (at 200°C)

or use it to do a quiche like this:

mediterranean quiche(cake, pie) with herbal breadcrumbs

for 6 mini moulds (heartshaped if possible :)) )
1 pack of puff pastry
180gr of tined tunafish in olive oil
2 tbps of capers
4-5 anchiovies
one onion
black pepper
herbal breadcrumbs

cover each mould with the puff pastry and put aside (in the fridge)

put the grated onion and little extravergine oliveoil in a frying pan, and let sear*

add the anchiovies and let them melt, then add the capers and sprinkle with some white wine if it dries up to much.

at last add the thunafish, mix well and let flavour.

let cool completaly (if not the puff pastry will be all muddy)

put some herbal breadcrumbs on the bottom of the mould, pour over the mixture and season with breadcrumbs over.

put in an preheated oven at ca 200°C, and bake for ca 20min (it depends on the mould size)

they are god hot, lukewarm or cold

so much for the salted breadcrumbs! :)

you know that you actually can do the same thing and make sweet breadcrumbs?
has it never happend that you made a lot of shortbread and they didn't came out as you immagined?
or you bought some new biscuits and the turned out to be awful?
and the old ones you forgot in the back of your cupboard?
you don't throw anything, no recycle!!
if they are plain without cocoa or marmelade,

you can add cinnamon, ginger and cardomon (all in powder) and grind together.

put in plastic boxes and put in the freezer.
if they are allready flavoured just grind them as they are.
you can also use vanilla, clove or coco flakes.
this sweet breadcrumbs are perfect to use, for a simple and very quick

apple crumble

4-5 apples like golden delicius or other sweet apples
sweet breadcrumbs
oat flakes (optional)
coco flakes (optional)

peel the apples and cut in tiny slices.
mix breadcrumbs, oatflakes and butter with your fingertips.
work quickly before, the butter melts to much.
now you can either mix t 3/4 of the crumbles with the apples and put in the mould, put the rest of the crumbles on top and put in oven
put the apple slices on the bottom of the mould and put all of the crumbles over.
put in oven at 180° for 40-45min (dipends on the size of your mould)
perfect lukewarm with vanilla ice or with vanilla sauce...or all alone :))
I don't add any sugar, the biscuits or shortbread are sweet enough..
and so are the apples to ;)

see you next week at lauries' palce


  1. I must try this. It sounds so easy to make.

  2. Interesting to know the ingredients of herbal breadcrumbs :)

  3. Brii, I will add your recipe to the round-up this morning (NY time). I did not receive it, not even to my spam folder.

    Thanks for a simple, yet flavorful recipe for homemade herbal breadcrumbs!

  4. is easy..the perfetc recycling :))

    @selba..yes, and you can use the herbs you like or have growing at the moment. a matter a fact it return to me.
    thank's for encluding me..

    have a nice evening


thank's for passing by :)

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