Sunday, 2 August 2009

WHB #194 - Home made Sherry

home made sherry mix

ciao and welcome to this week's herbal blogging.

we are hosted by Anna from Anna's Cool Finds
thank you for hosting Anna!

the WHB idea is kalyn's, and now kept by haalo .

thank's both of you :)

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walking up and down the Monte Baldo (the mountain chain looking over the Garda Lake)
we allways get to know a lot of different persons.
sometimes we just say hallo, other times we sto and talk..
ignazio-fiorio mix

or as in this case, we change recipes :))
talking about liquors and grappas, Ignazio and Florio gave me there special
Home made Sherry recipe.
I've tried is WOW! :)))

marasca mix

this morning I went with my friends to collect more marasca cherry leaves :)))

home made sherry4

original recipe from Ignazio

150 Marasca leaves *
1 liter of very very good red wine
(you better quality of wine, the better sherry)
1/4 of pure alcohol at 95°

pick your Marasca leaves in a field or garden, away from roads and to many houses.
dust them, and give a quick wash.
put to marinate in the wine for 4 days.
just leave them outside, if not to cold.
not in the sun.

after 4 days, filter and add the alcohol.
try at once! :))
then let rest for one or two months before using.
store in a cool, dark and dry place.

brigidaa_te :
marasca cherries is a kind of cherry tree.
Prunus avium
The wild cherry or gean is common right across europe. All of the cultivated cherries are derived from this tree, so as you might expect there's a huge amount of variation between the fruit. They can be anything from harsh, acidic, almost inedible little lumps to beautiful, succulent and sweet. You can only really tell by tasting them, but if you find a tree that gives you fruit you like then you can visit it year after year.

The fruit are ready around June, but be quick about picking them or the birds

will beat you to them.
with courtesy of Cab's Wild fruit page
here you can find other interessting things about the wild cherry tree.

perhaps you know the Maraschino wich is made of this fruit.


  1. Thanks again for participating Brii. The recap is posted now.

  2. Wonderful Brii! I wish I could try some too!

  3. good afternoon!!

    @anna, thank you for a great job! the recap is so well done. and thank you for mentioning also my other vlogs
    very kind of you! :) wild cherries in Australia??
    that means that you just have to come vist me!
    that includes guiding and cherry leaves collection!

    have a nice day, and thank you so much for passing by.

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe of home made sherry, now we can enjoy the taste of sherry wine which is home made.


thank's for passing by :)

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