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WHB #195 - Elder Berry Jelly

ciao and welcome to this week's herbal blogging.
we are hosted by Dhanggit from Dhanggit's Kitchen
thank you for hosting Dhanggit!

the WHB idea is kalyn's,
and now kept by haalo .
thank's both of you :)

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one of the interessting things working as a trekking guide
is that you get to know a lot of people.
almost every time there is someone new.
we talk about everything, it is strange how
walking can get even therapeutic! :)
in fact I read somewhere, that they call it
Deep Walking, not just Nordic Walking anymore.
I just adore this, it richen me so much doing this job.
so may things to learn, so many things to know..

not just problems or jokes...we exchange recipes also!
like in the previous post, this is also a recipe given me
by on of the persons that has come trekking with me.
Martina is the first girl on my right,
the other two are Ruth, and Carola

this recipe is Martina's!

gelatina di bacche di sambuco2

elder berry Jelly

you need:

1kg of elder berries

1 liter of water

300ml of red wine

5 junipers berries

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1kg of castor sugar or

500gr jelly sugar 2:1

wash the berries under running water
cover with water and let boil for 10min.
filter the berries.
(you should get ca 600ml of syrup)
and then add the
wine, sugar and the spices.
mix and let rest over the night.
the next day boil for 6 min if you use the jelly sugar
1 hour if you use normal sugar.
pour in clean jars and close lid tight.
let cool up-side-down.
store in a cool, dark and dry place.
let rest for an other 2 weeks.

this jelly is very nice together with
roastbeef f.ex or
soft cheese like Robiola.


doing jellies are a little more difficult than making normal jams and marmelades
this is becuase, it is difficult to understand when the jelly is ready.
it is liquid when you pour it in jars, and it solidifcates only when cooled.
the solidification process, can take up to 12hours.
you can try the consistance dropping some jelly on a cool plate
(let the plate rest in the fridge 15min before using)
wait a couple of minutes and then incline the plate
if the jelly sips very slowly or doesn't move at all,
it is ready.
remember to take the pot of the heat while doing the "jelly test"
this is a very good test to do,
everytime you are not sure that your marmelade or jam is ready.

this is Garda Lake early this morning, have a nice Sunday!

domenica 9 agosto 2009


  1. Sounds really delicious!! I never had any elder berry jelly's before, I hope I could try this recipe one day. Thanks for sharing your recipe! See you at the round-up!


thank's for passing by :)

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