Thursday, 22 October 2009

61st Tablescape Thursday - Curry Orange - Creamed Lentils with curry and cumin

Soo, it is Thursday again...and let's go over to
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch who's hosting another Tablescape Thursday.!!
remember to stay at here place to check out all the other great tablescapers!

Thank's Susan, I'm havinh great fun, and I come to know a lot of new bloggers!!
I was looking in Phyllis's very very nice blog, Around the House
when I saw here seasonal mantle makeover..
well, I tought it is time to do mine as well.
I went for a walk in my garden, a cut brances of my Black Mulberry tree
it gets more yellow every day.
other branches of my Service berry or Juneberry
(here we call it wild pear tree)
then I took a walk in my neighbor's garden.
they are Germans and just come for the summer.
now and then I take a walk, checking everything is allright.
they have a beautiful Persimonn tree (Diospyros digyna),
now full of almost riped fruit.
I come back, with persimmon fruit,
Scarlet Firethorn berries (Pyrachanta coccinea) and
Howthorn berries (Crataegus monogyna).
some red apples and pomegrantes also added colour to the composition.
it came out rather nice, didn't it? :).
Thank's Pyllis so much for the idea!!
fireplace 1
I tried to use the some colours on the table,
with a pumpkin tablecloth, and curry coloured napkins :)
to give some colour to the flatware and bowls, so I put a slice of
pumpkin between plate and bowl.
as table decoration I used a basket filled with brances of my Serviceberry/Juneberry
and used to Persimmon fruits as candle holders.
(just excavate a hole a large as the candle)
then I needed a soup to match this colours :))

creamed curry lentils

Creamed Lentils with Curry

creamed curry lentils
you need:
serves 4
250gr of orange lentils
1 onion
1 big potato
1/4 of a small pumpkin
2 carrots
1 liter of water
curry (a lot)
paprica (a lot)
cumin (a lot)
extra vergin olive oil
sale and pepper
chop the onion and let gently fry together with all the spices in some olive oil.
add the lentils washed under cold runing water, and all the vegetables peeled, cleaned
and cut in small pieces.
mix and let the perfumes mingle.
add the water, close the lid and when the cooker whistle, lower the heat
and let cook for 25min.
when finished, whisk with a immersion blender, season with salt and pepper
serve with some cumin seeds on top.


  1. The colorful foilage is beautiful, and the curried lentils look deelish.

  2. It is beautiful. The leaves and fruit look stunning and the soup delicious.


  3. Your pictures are wonderful, love the cheerful yellow, so beautiful, love the greenery

  4. Your seasonal mantle makeover is gorgeous. The Creamed Lentils with Curry soups looks yummy.

  5. Beautiful colours, beautiful table!

  6. How clever of you to use pumpkin as part of your dinnerware! Beautiful centerpieces (and I'm envious of your fire in the fireplace right now!)

  7. Beautiful photos! I'd love to get a better look at the tablecloth! Looks wonderful!

  8. I ♥ your tablecloth with the yellow filled white bowl! May I ask where the tablecloth can be found?

  9. Your photos are lovely! Very Pretty!


  10. This is all so beautiful! Everything looks devine!


thank's for passing by :)

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