Friday, 23 October 2009

Foodie Friday - Soup "2 of a kind"

I have 4 kids, 2 boys (24 and 23 years) and 2 girls (21 and 17 years)
every friday the boys go paly soccer with their father..
and we women left at home, enjoy our ladies night all by our self.
usually we are all three, but Helena (kid n°3) is studying in Milan, so lately we
are just two..
sofi and me.

last Friday, it was the first evening we eat inside.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, what difficult it is to make good photos inside! :))
while I tried to do the best of the dark situation, Sofi made the dinner
"soup 2 of a kind" and grated fennel and endives


"soup 2 of a kind"

it simply means 2 sorts of all ingredients :)

this soup has a bitter taste, due to the

radicchio and the field herbs.

you need:
serving 4.

2 small radicchio lettuce
2 small bunch of fresh herbs (like spinach or other local field herbs)
2 small onions
2 carrots
1 liter of waters
some olive oil (extravergin would by nice)
1 tbs
vegetable stock cube

chop the onion and let gently fry in some oil together with the vegetable stock cube, in you pressure cooker
when the onion is trasparent,

add all the other vegetables peeled, cleaned and cut in pieces.

mix and let flavor.

add all the water, close the lid.

when you hear the whistle, lower the heat and let cook for 35min.

serve with some parmesan cheese if you like, it will "sweeten" up the bitter taste.
I'm sending this over to Michael
thank's michael for hosting
don't miss the other entries!


  1. How nice that you have this kind of time with your daughter. Your table and meal look wonderful. Have a great day.

  2. Your table looks wonderful, I love all the green.

  3. What an interesting soup. It's wonderful that you spend time cooking with your daughter. You're truly blessed.

  4. It sure looks delicious and a fun Mom and daughter time well spent. I agree that I think the Parma cheese would cut the bitter taste too. Then again I put Parma cheese on most things lately.

  5. Your children are growing up with such a healthy appreciation for the right things to eat. Also wanted to compliment you on your photographs lately. They're really very attractive.
    P.S. I'm going to be announcing a new Culinary Tour soon. Hope you'll join me again.

  6. Oh wow, fabulous photo. Makes me want to be part of it and enjoy eating it with you and your daughter.


thank's for passing by :)

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