Friday, 2 October 2009

pasta with zucchini and curcuma (turmeric)

zucchini con gurkmeja

this is actually not my idea, I went to a cooking course the other night.
the recipes were very interesting, but the cook was nasty.
kept hacking on us when evere she notice we didn't know, what was for
elementary things.
well, if I already know everything I wouldn't come to a cooking course, would I
anyway..this recipe was introduced as a tasty way of conserving zucchinis.
you cut them julienne and heat a pan were you put olive oil and curcuma.
add the zucchini and cook a few minutes.
put them in glass jars, cover with other oil.
close lid and sterilize for 20min in boiling water.
I found them very tasty so I decide to use the idea to make a pasta sauce.
pasta with zucchini and curcuma.
zucchini con curcuma
you need:
short pasta
extravergine olive oil
(curcuma longa)
cut the zucchini in very tiny slices.
heat some oil in a pan.
add the curcuma and let melt.
add the zucchini, and while continouosly tossing them, let them cook for a few minutes.
in the meanwhile cook the pasta.
when the pasta is ready..rembember "al dente" :)
drain and and it in the pan.
heat up, mix well and servi immediately.
it is very nice seasoned with fresh grinded green pepper.
the moon is almost full, the weather forcast promises us that this month's fullmoon trekking
will be very nice :)
this is the sunset of this evening. :)

sunset 2 october 2009


  1. That's a beautiful photo of the pasta. I didn't know what curcuma was but I looked it up on google. Don't worry about the cooking instructor...I bet he doesn't write a fun blog, hike all over the country, or make so many herb-alicious things like you do!

  2. :))))

    joan!!! silly me..I thought curcuma was called curcuma also in english!!
    it is turmeric, righ? have to correct that in the blog!
    you made me lough, joan...thank you!!
    have a nice week
    baciussss, dear


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