Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pear and Apple Compote with vodka

yes, even on this charming lake, the most beautiful in Italy :)))
it is getting cold!
brrr, from one day to another, the temperature sank with 20°C.
it is ok realy, I like the different seasons, but I wish it would have
changes more softly. not so drastic.

I look at my Black Mulberry tree (Morus Nigra) , it gets more yellow each day
and against the grey sky that looks absolut magnificient,
but it also ooks great against a clear blue sky, or when the sun is going down.
san vigilio, morus nigra quercus rubra
good moning, Monday! :)
morus nigrait
is time to cut some branches and take them inside to
decorate the fireplace. together it will look nice with
the yellow leaves of False locust tree or false acacia tree (robinia pseudoacacia)
if you find some branches of Boston Ivy, (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
(even if it tends to loose it's leaves very quickly)
and some pomegranate apples it could look really nice :)
I usually leave this decoration for all October, and in the beginning of November
I begin decorate for Christmas.

it is so nice to light the fireplace and see the fire give a romantic glow to everything.
and, after dinner just sit in front of the fire, talking and perhaps eating this dessert.
very quick, very easy, very perfumed!

Pear and Apple Compote with vodka

pear and apple compote

you need:
700gr of pears (peeled and without seeds)
650gr of apples (peeled and without seeds)
150ml vodka*
450gr of sugar
juice of one lemon

put the chopped fruit in a pot together with the vodka, sugar and the lemon juice.
let cook softly for one hour.
take of the fireplace and let rest over the night.

the next day give an other boil for an hour or so
at this point you can serve as dessert or pour in clean glasses
and put away as jam.
store in a cool, dark and dry place as jam
serve with whipped cream or some biscuits if serves as dessert.

* I added 200ml as I like it more strong :)

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