Thursday, 1 October 2009

tabelscape thursday - lilac nuances - Spaghetti with cauliflower and bacon

hmm, it is some time I'm thinking of trying to attend Susan's event of tabelscaping.
it is not easy...seeing what she and the others come up with...
but the event is to affascinating not to try ! :)

a bunch of aster ammellus gave me the idea of this "tablescape!
the asters are very easy growing plant giving you pastel colours in early autumn.
from light pink, to lilac colours.
the aster needs to be cut twice in summer, this prevent it to become to high and
blom to early.

pranzo 26 settembre 2009
the photos were made in a rush, having little time at disposal.

runner, glasses and selfcoloured pot comes from IKEA
the napkin is an inheritance from my husbands grandmother.
simple supermarket plates

pasta with cauliflower and pancetta (bacon)
you need:
pasta (I adore spaghetti, but this will be perfect also with a short pasta)
extravergin olive oil.
one (or two) small dry chilis
cut the bacon in small cubes, add the chili and gently fry in little oil.
in the meanwhile put water to boil in a big pot.
when the water is boiling add some salt, the pasta and the cauliflower cut in small equal pieces.
when the pasta is ready, drain it together with the cauliflower.
put all in the pan together with the bacon, heat up and mix well.
other tablescapers


  1. Your asters are beautiful! I wish it were warm enough to eat outside here today! Brrr. Glad you decided to join in the fun!

  2. Lovely outdoor table! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. Love your lavender flowers in the lavender pot, they are so happy. It looks like such a great day for eating outdoors. Enjoy!

  4. I adore these outdoor tablescapes! The lighting is always so good! Your food looks yummy. The flowers are lush and pretty. A winner here!

  5. What beautiful flowers in their matching container! I didn't know I was supposed to cut back my asters. Thanks for the tip!!!

    My mouth is watering over your bowl of looks & sounds really tasty. I will have to try your recipe soon.

  6. The lavender is wonderful, you have a definite flare for style and I felt as though I were dining with you with that wonderful salad and the beautiful inviting, thanks for sharing...stop by for a visit...Phyllis

  7. I love this tablescape. Those flowers are gorgeous too!! I love pasta....I so would like to eat yours!!...but I am off of meats for a is the only thing that seems to help get my cholesterol meats, poultry, no eggs and no dairy.....YIKERS!! But I can have pasta with all sorts of veggies!

  8. This is so pretty awash in the lavendar. The foods look wonderful.

  9. wow!!
    thank you so much for all you comments.
    I'm very very flattered!!!

    @maureen...I live in a very lucky place. we still eat outside at lunch :)

    @cynthia, thank you!

    @janie's world...we try eating our as long as we can. seems even the food tastes better!

    @brenda..oh yeas..the light is fantastic outside.
    even a dull plate looks good! is not obligatory of course, but if you do you have flowers blooming in a period when other flowers look tired.
    try the pasta, it is very quick and tasty.

    @phyllis...thank you so much.

    @nannykim..poor you!!! try cauliflower with cumin..yummy!!! :)

    @martha..thank you..

    have a nice week.


thank's for passing by :)

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