Thursday, 15 October 2009

tablescape thursday - Autumn reds - Tomato soup with 5 cereals, ginger and fresh herbs

Thanks to Susan at
Between Naps on the Porch for hosting another Tablescape Thursday.!!
the 60th this week!!
happy Anniversay Susan! :)
Please go over to her site and check out the other great tablescapes.

autumn red and orange 1

it is getting the last few days we have hade a very chilly wind.
today the temperature touched 16-17° I think.
probably this is one of our last lunch outside this year :(

it is soo beautiful though, the colours are very strong and the sun is shining so bright.
many trees have all the leaves on, and they are so green!
look at the wineyard behind our house, in the vally of Valquarole.
isn't it a beautiful green view?


anyway...a prepared the table on the terrace, with a decoration of leaves and seeds
from our Sycamore Maple (
acer pseduoplatanus) it makes beautiful green leaves looking as hands, very particolar flowers (green-yellow panicles) in spring, and now it has seeds or samars that are very decorative too. together with some orange coloured chilis and some strange berries from my Schefflera Actinophylla or Umbrella tree or Australian Ivy-palm.
it is a very easy growing plant, I have 3 of them with variegated leaves.

schefflera actinophylla
tablecloth is a piece of tissue, the napkins come from Coin
soup bowls and glasses, and the mini glass bowls are from Ikea
the small square sallad bowls are from Orvea supermarkets
autumn red and orange2
to warm us up, what's better than a soup??? :)
Tomato soup with 5 cereals, ginger and fresh herbs

recipe from

Suppen und Eintöpfen

ed. Gräfe und Unyer GmbH
crema di pomodoro

you need:

150gr of 5 cereals (mine were: oats, barley, spelt, whole wheat, buckwheat)

2 cm of fresh ginger

2 shallots

4 tbsp of extravergin olive oil

1 tbsp of vegetable stock cube

1,200gr of tomatoe sauce (4 cans of 400gr each , home made would be perfect)

fresh herbs (majoran, thymian, basil, chives)

1 clove of garlic

chop the shallots and let genlty fry in the olive oil, together with the garlic clove.

add the cereals and toast for 5 minutes, mixing all the time.

add the vegetable stock cube, the grated ginger and the tomatoe sauce and let cook for ca 15min.

it depends on what cereal you use and if they are organic or precooked or not.

adjust the time according to the cereals you use.

before serving, add the fresh choped herbes.

it is realy delicious. :)


  1. I love your beautiful pictures, the tomato soup looks wonderful, I will return soon I am trying to figure how to be a follower of yours, come visit

  2. ciao phyllis, thank's
    I'm on my way!!!

  3. It is beautiful where you are. The table looks lovely in the sunlight. We are so gray here and chilly, I can close my eyes and dream of a vineyard view and bowl of tomato soup in the sunshine.

  4. Wow--that view is enough for me--I can just take water and be satisfied. Love those deep bowls by the way!

  5. Oh how beautiful! I am especially charmed by your pictures, as we had our first SNOW today! too cold here; I love all the green that surrounds you.

    The soup looks delicious! Very different, too; I would love to try making it!

  6. I love all the oranges and yellows in your tablescape.

  7. You have a lovely blog, lovely tablescape too! I love the outdoor photos as well. Thanks for your visit to my blog!
    I posted the recipe to the Pumpkin Blueberry Muffins you requested. Hope it makes sense! it was in my head. Anyway it all works and is yummy! I don't know what you have in the UK for shortening? Maybe butter would be okay. Let me know if you have shortening or not? maybe I can find a suitable substitute.
    Have a great day!

  8. We won't be dining outside here today! It is currently about 2C, with snow forecast! Brrr. Thanks for the mini vacation in your valley!

  9. Beautiful pictures...Looks like a lovely spot!


thank's for passing by :)

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