Sunday, 4 October 2009

WHB# 203 - Potato Sallad Mediterranée

potatis sallad m2
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luna piena 4 ottobre 2009

this morning I woke up early, the moon was shining through our open window..
it was so, beautiful!
the first thing I did, was send a sms to my friend Simoo...
"this evening...fullmoon trekking!! :))
then I put on the coffee, fed all my cats..and made a photo of the moon.

very satisfied, very happy...I got on my Sunday trekking.
today I had English guest, and we had a great time.
Karen explained a lot of interesting cooking things, telling my one of her
sons works with Jamie Oliver! wow!!!
for this evening's trekking I made some filled paninis.
bute they has nothing to do with todays recipe :)
Potato sallad Mediterranèe

potatis sallad m
beeing a Suede married to a German makes me cook potatoes very often.
probably you think I'm silly, living in Italy :))
but, when you out of ideas, people coming at any hour, in a hurry
they can be very comfortable.
this sallad is superquick and very tasty
you need:
cold boild potatoes
feta cheese
dried tomatoes
red onion
extravergine olive oil
sale and pepper
in a pan gently fry the chili, the anchovies, the chipped onion and the capers in olive oil.
let cook for some minutes.
add the aubergine cut in cubes and keep cooking.
add the cold potatoes cut in cubes, mix increasing the heat.
when the aubergine are cooked(not mashed, they still should remain crunchy)
take of the heat.
add crumbled feta a nd some fresh basil.
mmmmmmmmmmmm...feels like beeing in Italy! :)))
have a nice week!


  1. Looks really really yummy!

    Thanks for sending it to the WHB!

  2. Oh my word....looks fresh and lovely! Great stuff

  3. this is exactly what i want for dinner!
    but with the sky storming and no ingredients in the house i think i'll have to find something else :(

  4. good morning!!!

    @anna....ooooooh! but...what a wonderful sky it must have been!!!

  5. Hey, but I
    missed tomatoes, I mean, when did you put it, at end of making salads or before end in to the pan?

    P.S.: I love your blog B-)


thank's for passing by :)

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