Sunday, 11 October 2009

WHB# 204 - pickled bellpeppers and onions

peperoni e cipolla alda1

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this morning I woke up feeling a little sad..
today it was the last day "my" Swedish group were here.
we've been together since friday, almost 10-12 hours a day.
aaaaaaaaaaah, I did feel sad when a winked them goodbay this afternoon.

good morning bardolino! :) 11 october 2009
this was the view from our windows this morning...

it really made as feel good! :))

and all the group, 30 persons were so happy to finally SEE the lake,

(it has been raining for the past 2 days),

they jumped up on their bikes and made a biketour around the Rocca! :)

I met them there with the 3 persons that dind't want to bike, they rather made a walk.

look, what colour the lake had! incredibile.

my Suedes just stood there, looking down on the glittery water, feeling good.

I told them some things about the place, but not many listened ;)

even worse than the German pupils I usually take around :)))

paying no attention at all, just enjoying standing in the warm sun..feeling happy!

it was hard to leave the Rocca,

but our lunch was waiting and also their Italian time was running out.

after lunch, it was time to leave.

I must admit, I felt a little bite sorry, well, a lot sorry seeing them leave.

we had a great time together, and I do hope they will be back!

gruppo sulla rocca

pickled bell pepper and onion

this recipe was given me by Alda,

we (Marta-blogger friend) and I

made a "homemade" preserving course in

Alda's kitchen.

we exchanged recipes, making ours, sharing with the other two

try one and others, and in the end divided our jars equally between us!

we had a lot of fun, in November we will meet again..doing marinades! :))

just in time for Christmas! :))
peperoni e cipolla alda2

you need:

1,250gr of onions cut in slices

2 red bell peppers cut in tiny slices

2 yellow bell peppers in tiny slices

4 tbps of coarse salt

1 liter of vinegar of white wine

100gr of sugar

1 tsp of fresh mint

1tsp of paprica (sweet)

1 tsp of dill seeds (Anethum graveolens)

1 tsp salt

put the cut onions and peppers in a big bowl.

cover with the coras salt,

mix with your hands and cover with a cloth for a couple of hours.

drain and wash quickly under runing water.

put the vegetables in clean jars.

in a pot but the vinegar together with the salt and the spices.

let boil for 5 min and the pour over the vegetables.

close lid and let rest for 2 weeks in a cool, dark and dry place.

serve with chicken, ham, sausages and cheese.

it is delicious!!

thank's Alda! :_***

sunset dal rif. chierego 11 october 2009


today, I didn't feel stying home. yes, I'm very very tired, but I felt a little sad...

so I needed to do some trekking.

together with Simoo and Laura we went Refuge Chierego

to have a cup of hot cinnamon tea and a piece of apple pie

(must give you the recipe ;) )

I'm very lucky having friends so available,

leaving everything and coming with me! :)

but, it was worth it..

the clouds, the sun, the mountain...made us feel good, all three of us!

have a nice week :)

pozza d'argento



  1. I was just telling Cinzia that I wanted a jar of her pickled shallot for Xmas. Now I want a jar of yours, too, Brii! : D Such a fresh and lively mix.

    Thank you for your WHB recipe!

  2. good morning susan!!
    it is, I just told Alda how good it come out!
    have a nice week, dear!

  3. beautiful view!
    i don't like the flavour of bell peppers but i'm drawn to your recipe because it's so pretty.

  4. the photos of the peppers & onions pickled is so colorful -- but the photos from your home are heavenly!

  5. good evening!

    @anna..thank's! try it, just a little and you will is delicious :)

    @joan..that's all the bell peppers! they are so colourful :)

    I'm very fortunate. I live in a special place..

    have a nice evening

  6. Wow that is some weird photo looks like God opened up a tiny part of the sky to peak through and say hello!
    Hugs to you!


thank's for passing by :)

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