Sunday, 25 October 2009

WHB# 206 - rucola pesto

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ahhhhhh...finally, finally....after almost 10 days of realy cold weather...
the sun is back!!! :))
makes us all feel happy...we can lunch outside again..and even drink coffee in terrace in the morning! was over 20°!
this morning I walked out in the my pyjamas..and took some photos..
the sun warmed my face, the yellow leaves of our black mulberry was shining against the cloudy sky and glittery lake was twinkling my eye
morus nigra on Sunday 25 october 2009

san vigilio - Bardolino 25 october 2009

it was practially impossible stay inside!

soo, simoo and I went in Prada collect chestnuts...

it was so fun, so beautiful, we decided we just have to come back! :))

for me it was the first I made more photos than collected chestnuts :))

can't wait till getting back!

Rucola Pesto, with Asiago cheese and nuts

pesto di rucola, asiago e noci

unusal in taste, as both the rucola and the seasoned Asiago cheese are rather bitter.

I was thrilled about the idea, so I tried!

well, alone it is rather strong and bitter in taste, but try in a simply fennelrisotto..

or just steamed fennels..

you will be surprised of the perfect mix of the two tastes.

you need:


seasoned Asiago cheese*


1 clove garlic

extravergin olive oil

risotto finocchio

in a blender put all solid ingredients, and while the blender works add the olive oil

pouring it very very slowly.

you should obtain more or less (dipends on how you want it) smooth cream.

put in a glass jar, cover with olive oil and close the lid.

conserve in the fridge.

will conserve for ca 2months, rememerb allways to cover with olive oil after use.

this prevent it from coming acid.

risotto finoccchio


* the asiago cheese is tipical in this area, coming from Altopiano di Asiago (vi)

you can use any seasoned hard cheese, I should not use Parmesan cheese, as

it is much more "sweet", even the one seasoned 36months ;)


  1. Beautiful scenery and beautiful food.

  2. This does look very delicious. I like the versatility of this recipe.


thank's for passing by :)

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