Saturday, 26 September 2009

WHB# 202 - Mountain pine syrup and Mountain pine grappa

pino mugo mix

ciao and welcome to this Week's Herbal Blogging
this time we are hosted by Graziana from
grazie dell'ospitalità, cara! :)

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even if we are almost at the end of September, we still can lunch outside.
now the Aster are blooming, and that gives a very oldfashion colour to all.
a very easygrowing flower, that doesn't ask anything
and will give you flowers for many many years from now.
if you have the possibility plant them in a sheltered place,
the rain ruins the flowers, and that is a pity.
I have a pot full of them on the terrace,
and then I have them in an exposed border in my backyard.
sciroppo di pino mugo
last year I tried to make this Mountain Pine syrup, and couldn't wait
until someone in the family got a cold! :))
well, the first one husband!
he was very sceptical, but was veeeery convincing
(stubborn, you maybe would call it)
and it works! :)))
helps to soothe the cough.
please remember that the Mountain pine is protected in big areas,
so be sure you can pick the pines.
sciroppo mugo
you need:
small green pines
(they should be very tiny, green, hard and difficult to pick.
if you will feel you hands stickery of perfumed pine resin
then you have the right ones! :)
put 10-15pines in a glass jar
cover completly with sugar.
let the sugar melt by letting the glass jar in full sun.
this will take one, one and a half months.
filter the syrup and keep it in a dark bottle
away from the light.
will conserve for one year.
with the remained pines you can make a:
grappa al pino mugo
you need:
the remained pines
put the pines back in the glass jar and cover with grappa
(ca two, three fingers above)
let marinate for a month in a dark place.
filter and...enjoy!
this is perfect to give you wormth after a long walk
when you come home and feel cold into your boones.
or it is also very very good in a cup of hot black tea
in this case, if you wish you can add some sugar.
have a nice week :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

WHB# 201 - preserving champignons

funghi marinati2

ciao and welcome to this week's herbal blogging.
this week we are hosted by Chriesi from Almond Corner
thank's for hosting Chriesi!

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this week it finally rained! I don't know how you feel about it but I just adore the rain.
it is not a big problem trekking, I just choose tracks that are not dangerous or slippery..
like for example along the beach.
tomorrow I'm trying a new track 18km down the lake side. it is another option, if it
will rain again :)

anyway, before, during and after, the sky is marvellous.


I even went out to make a photo
of my Morus Nigra, my black mulberry tree. In this period of the year it's leaves
is changing colours, and against the grey sky, it's yellow leaves are just so beautiful.

morus nigra

this is also a good time for preserving.
well, the moon is not favorable, beeing waning crescent at the moment, but as it happens frequently that fruits and vegetables cannot wait the waxing gibbous to be preserved
they could spoil in the meanwhile, so we have to put them quickly in jars :)
(just evoid days around the new moon,
the old farmes says conserves made in those days last lesser )

preserving is one of my hobbies,
I feel like a small ant putting away for the winter. :)
I just love loooking at my jars on the shells in my small pantry.
that makes me feel a very old fashion housewife :)

preserving Champignons

funghi marinati1

this a very easy and tasty recipe, that I found in the little book Simoo gave my.
"vegetable conserves"
ed. gribaudo

you need


red wine vinegar

extravergin olive oil







clean the champignons, keep the small ones whole, and cut the bigger one in pieces.they should all be the same in measure.put to boil 2 parts of red wine vinegar and 1 part of water,and add some salt.put the champignons in the boiling liquid and let cook for 1- 1,30 minutes.then pick them out and let dry on a kitchen cloth. in the meanwhile, put to boil 2 parts of oil and 1 part of vinegar. add all the species and herbs and let simmer for 10min.take of the heat and let cool.put the champignons in clean glass jars, press gently.pour the coolen oil mixture over the champignons, stir with a knife to get up all the bubblesadd other oil if necessary then close the lid well. let rest for 40days in a cool, dark, and dry place before serving. serve them drained of the oil as appetizer, first course or garnish of a main dish.


don't throw away neither the vinegar nor the oil mixture.the first one you can use for other conserves, pour in a bottle and store in the fridge. it conserves for 3months at least. the oil mixture is very nice to use as a marinate. you can marinate vegetables f. exor you can use it for cooking. pour in a bottle and store in the fridge. conserves for at least 2 months.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

WHB# 200 - conserving basil


ciao and welcome to 200th week herbal blogging!!
this week we are hosted by our Haalo of

this is an idea of kalyn,

and from now on hold by haalo.

thank's both of you!
if you would like to join, please read here

this has been a very full week, the work as guiding is keeping my very busy.
tuesday I had a high school class of 34 german students.
it was very fun, even if they weren't equipped adequately...
ok for the ray-ban sun glasses
ok for the very very tight jeans
ok for the coca cola and the sigarettes
(well, I wasn't very happy of this either)
but..the shoes! :))))
no boots, no trekking shoes, not even real gymnastic shoes.
so instead of doing a very cool path over the nearest peaks of the mountain Monte Baldo,
I took them for a walk on a green lawn full of cows :))))
anyway, after that we (the teachers michael and daniele) left half of the class
at the bar and took the other half (with wrong shoes and all) to do some real trekking.
but the best thing of it all is that the kids (if they here me :))) were very very interested
in knowing, learning and understanding.
A great group, I do hope they will be back!

geseke mix1

conserving basil.


of course you can put the leaves in the freezer, but a very easy and perfumed way to conserve the basil is put under salt or oil.
and now when the summer slowly are fading away
and it is time to put away all our perfumed herbs, this is a good way to do it. :)
read all about ocimum basilicum here

with salt:
alternate leaves and salt.
store in a cool, dry and dark place for 6 months

with oil:
pute the leaves in a littel glass jar and cover with
extravergin olive oil.
(ore other if you prefer)
store in a cool, dark and dry place for 6 months.

just in time to seed our new basil for the next year. :)
the salt and the oil that remains are super to use for seasoning vegetables
salads, and use in marinates.

have a nice week and I leave you with some photos of a incredible trekking
made yesterday!
from 68mt to 2200mt, and then back down to 1000mt.
very hard, very tough, very fantastic. :)

assenza mix 3

Sunday, 6 September 2009

WHB# 199 - Spicy Citronnette


ciao and welcome to this week's herbal blogging!
this week we are hosted by Chris from
Mele Cotte
thank you Chris for hosting! :)

the WHB idea is kalyn's,and now kept by haalo .
thank's both of you :)
if you would like to join, please read the rules
to know the order of hosting please read here

this recipe is very simple, perfect to season grilled fish, grilled vegetables
or using as marinate.
could be a nice giveaway gift also :)


citronette mix

you need

1 liter of extravergin olive oil

juice from one lemon

1 tsp coriander seeds

1tsp mustard seeds (I used the brown ones)

1tsp poppy seeds

1tsp green pepper (or black if you prefer)

1tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 chili (or two ;)

crush the seeds slightly and but in a bottle together with the olive oil and the filtered

lemon juice. shake very well, and conserve in the fridge.

will conserve in this way for 3 weeks.

I tried it immidately as a vegeable marinate.

chop different kind of vegetables. mix with the marinate and leave in the fridge

for at least 3 hours.

pour in glass jars, and cook in oven 180° C for 40min.

serve hot, warm or cold. very tasty in any way :)

marinated vegetables

I wish you a nice week with two photos..
one is from our garden, watching the Garda Lake

valsorda 5 settembre 2009

the other is a photo of my rose
Sally Holmes, which if you keep pruning
lightly, just cutting the wilted roses, will keep flowering long into October.

sally holmes1

Thursday, 3 September 2009

salad with croutons

verso naole

I should be working these days, but it is still to hot trekking, so the turists prefer stay on the beach :)
that is ok with me...beacuse it means I can go trekking with my friends..simoo and monica.

we are a good team, same condition, same taste, same minds.
that is rare this days, and with the bad luck I had before with best friends..
this seems almost like a miracle for me.
I'm very pleased about this friendship. :)

caffè ai fiori mix1

as it is still hot and cuisine is most salds,
panzanella and gazpacho :)

this salad has nothing special, but I wanted to give you un idea how to recycle old bread.
if you don't want to put it away in
another tasty way is to make croutons of it.

salad with croutons
insalata con croutons2

for the salad:

2 mozzarella
1 red "tropea" onion
180 canned thuna
6-7 tomatoes
2 cold boild potatos
2 carrots

for the croutons:

some slices of old bread made of durum wheat
extravergin olive oil
garlic cloves
cummin (if you like)

wash and clean all the vegetables.
chop and cut in slices.
season with balsamic vinegar and extravergin olive oil.
adjust with salt and pepper

cut the bread in small cubes.
heat the oil in a pan together with the species.
add the bread cubes, toss on high heat (it will smoke!) until toasted.
add to the salad at the moment you serve, so they will remain crunchy.

insalata con croutons1
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