Sunday, 29 November 2009

WHB# 211 - Iris's Embraces

ciao and wellcome to this week's herbal blogging
we are hosted by Lynne from Cafe Lynnylu
thank's Lynne for hosting :)

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen for this event
Haalo who been taken over since the last year,
thank's both of you.
more information about the WHB here:
who's hosting

on this fascinating place the Garda Lake is, we are very proud of our Olive oil.
Perhaps you remember my post from last year:
the olive oil

where I told you some of the things interesting about the olive oil.

olivo lago

I will not repeat myself, but just remind you of a very very nice event
going on very year here., since 120years.

Olive oil trade fair in Brenzone from November 7th to 29th, 2009

Castelletto di Brenzone offers plenty of possibilities to taste for oneself the high quality of the local olive oil and of the dishes which are prepared with this oil. During the „Rassegna dell'Olio Novello” – which is kind of an agricultural fair – the small village at the foot of Monte Baldo presents each year in November the freshly produced olive oil.

I have a weakness for the Brenzone territory, it is the biggest municipality (comune)
in the Verona Province, 50 km2, s
tretching from the Garda Lake (65 lsm) to Cima Valdritta (2218lsm)
not very populated, but so fascinating,
with all the paths that goes from the lake up to the Monte Baldo top.
Brenzone has also the most well cured olive growings,
every single tree is kept perfect.
their olive oil is among the best we have,
even if the Malcesine olive oil, has the DOP.
If you ever think of coming visting the Garda lake,
remember to stop in Brenzone.
you will not be disappointed, I promise :)

it often happens that my friends asks me to find the recipe of something
they have eaten and had pleased them much.
usually it is jams or marmelades, but sometimes it is cookies or other things.
these cookies was given to me by my dear friend Simoo,
she liked them so much
and asked me to try to figure out the recipe.
I tried, and this is what come out. :)
I have given them the name of my mother-in-law,
to me she is a very, very special person.


Iris's Embraces

iris's hugs
you need:
250gr of plain flour
250gr of maize flour
150gr of extravergin olive oil
100gr of sugar
1 tsp of bicarbonate (or cremor tartar)
milk q.b.
add all the ingredients, escluding the milk.
while whisking add the milk until you have a "pastry" kind of dough.
if it is smooth and greasy it's right.
make long tiny rolls, then cut and close ends by crossing them.
put on baking paper covered oven plate.
bake at 200°C - 395°F for 10-15min (dipends how big you do the embraces)
stor in a tin box.
I whish you a nice first Advent :)


Friday, 27 November 2009

mandarin and pomegranate jelly

time is runing, day's gets shorter and shorter.
not having the possibility to do much trekking due to the rainy days we have had,
I wentt back to one of my favourite sports
(before finding the Nordic walking, that is :))
we have a very very nice public swimingpool in the neighborhood, in Garda
so while the rain pours down, we all meet in the pool :)
well, not all of us swims..
some just sit in the salted outside pool,
relaxing among the bubbles of the hydromassage :))
right girls??? :))
this recipe is an idea that mingled in my mind for some tine.
and as our pomegranate tree,
gave us some many fruits this year I decided to try.
it came out very very nice :)
Mandarin and Pomegranate jam

gelatina di mandarino e melagrana1

you need:

1 l of fresh mandarin juice*

1 l of fresh pomegranate juice*

700gr of sugar

50gr of fruit pectin (this f. ex pomona's pectin ) * *
squeez the mandarin and the pomgranate
* I used a centrifuge
add the sugar and the pectin,
mix and let rest for a couple of hours in a cool place
put to boil and gentle simmer for almost 20 min
(check the consistence, by putting some jelly on a cold plate.
let cool and the incline the plate.
it should slowly move downwards without watering edges
please remember to take the pot of the heat while doing this)
pour in clean glasses and close lid. let cool upside down.
store in a cool, dark and fresh place.
let rest for 10days perfore serving.
I found it excellent with hard swedish rye bread (knäckebröd)
and also as filling for pastry.
**if you prefer not useing pectin proceed like this:
add the sugar. mix well and let rest for 12 hours (over the night)
the next day give a boil and let cook gently for 1 hour
pour in a bowl
(glass or plastic, don't leave the jam in the metallic pot)
and let rest for an other night.
the next day cook other 1 hour and pour in clean jars.
close lide and let cool upside down.

I can't stay inside with foggy weather,
the yellow leaves glows in the greyish air.
and it reminds me of the Malmö weather :)
this is the medieval church of "Santi Rustico e Fermo"
in Lazise.
a very special place.

santi fermo e  rustico

Sunday, 15 November 2009

WHB# 209 - Alice's Lemon Verbena Liquor

ciao and welcome to this week's herbal blogging.
we are hosted by my dear friend
Astrid from Paulchen's Foodblog
thank's Astrid for hosting! :-**
I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen for this event
and Haalo who been taken over since the last year,
thank's both of you.
more information about the WHB here:
this is a recipe found in Alice's blog, she is just a kid :))
well, could be my doughter anyway :)
but makes very tasty recipes and
makes beautiful beautiful photos.
you should drop by her to see ;)
I did this liquor in an other way,
but must say that this version is better.
thank's Alice!

liquore all'erba luigia di azabel
you need:
70 leaves Erba Luigia (lemon verbena - Aloysia triphylla).
500 gr of water
500 gr sugar
500 gr alcohol 95°
peel of 1 / 2 lemon
(1 small sprig of rosemary)
(3 cloves)
(3 leaves of sage)
(3 leaves of mint)
(1 piece of cinnamon)
put to boil the sugar and the water. let simmer for 15min until the sugar is completaly dissolved.
let cool perfectly, at least 12hours in a cool place.*
pick 70 leaves (one leaf more or less :),
put them in a big glass jar together with all the other herbs and spices.
cover with the cold syrup.
let marinate for 10days in a shadow place.
IF you remember shake once or twice a day.
after the 10days has gone, filter twice or also three times using a paper filter
(f.ex Melitta, the one you use making German coffee)
pour in bottles, close lid and let rest for an other 2months.
in the meanwhile, TRY to keep you thirsty throat away from it! :)
if you ask me..make dubble rate from the beginning. :))
liquore all'erba luigia di azabel
* it is very very important to let cool the syrup completely, if you don't your liquor will be turbid, not trasparent and there is no way to get rid of that.

have a nice week :)

panchine in riva al lago

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tazzina's apple cake

today the rain is sipping, and it is very foggy outside.
it was nice to drink coffee, looking out of the window
admiring the beautiful yellow colours of our Poplar or Quaking Aspen
(Populus tremulus or tremoloides)

coffè break con vista :)

well, for all foodbloggers that is not a big problem, right?
we just step into our kitchen and create something!

I have a public
photoalbum on Flickr,
zapping around there
the other night..
I found this recipe
very very nice indeed!
Tazzina's Apple cake

torta tazzina2
you need:
3 apples
peel from one lemon
2 eggs
100gr of butter
130gr of sugar (I put 50gr)
10gr of baking soda
150gr of plain flour
milk q.b
raisins (if you like)
icing sugar
batter egges and sugar until it's very vaporouse
add butter cut in small pieces, batter well
add flour, baking soda, the grated lemon peel and pour milk while beating
you should obtain a liquid, dense and smooth mixture.
not to liquid not to dense.
add peeled apples cut in small pieces
pour the mixture in a buttered
bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (356° F) for 45-50min
when cooled cover with icing sugar.
enjoy! :)
torta tazzina1

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

very bitter citrus jam

I should be studying but that is hard when the sun shines outside!!
soooo...after 10days of no pc, and a lot of homework..
today..I took my trekking shoes out for a walk!

I went down to Bardolino, the village on the Garda Lake where I live
(I live outside actually, on the hill that ends up in Valsorda -
the Mute Vally - what a perfect for me to live, me who never shuts up :))))
it was very nice, little people around. the turist season is definitly over
and those remaining, me and all other Bardolino residents are really enjoying
the lake, the view, the silence..


piante a bardolino

very bitter citrus jam

citrusmarmelad - citrus marmalade - marmalleta d'agrumi

you need:
1 lemon
3 grapefruits
5 oranges
for a total of 1,8kg of fruit
1kg of sugar
5 tbsp of Whisky
this will give you aprx 1,2kg of ready jam

brush the fruits, if there not organic, do the brushing and cleaning very carefully.
cut the begining and the end of each fruit.
then cut in quarters, try to pull out so much seeds and stones are possible.
put all the pieces of fruit in a mixer and mix well.
pour in a large pot and add the sugar.
heat up, when it reach boiling, lower down the heat and let
cook gently for 1 hour.
take of the stove, pour in a glass or plastic bowl and let rest for 24hours.
the next day heat up again and let gently cook for another hour.
just before pouring in clean jars, add the Whisky.
put lids and let cool upside down.
store in a cool, dark place, leave it resting for at least 15days.
this is perfect together with wholegrain bread, for example :)

pane alda

if you like the idea but is not very keen on bitter jams you can do like this:
peel the fruits, chop the peels or grate them
squeeze the juice out of the fruits
in a small pot cover the peels with water and cook for 10min.
filter, cover with new fresh water and cook repeat for a total of 3 times.
this helps to take away the bitterness in the peels.
add you "sweetned" peels to the juice and also add 600gr of sugar.
cook gently for an hour, then pour in a glas or plastic bowl and let rest
for 24hours.-
the next day, cook for another hour and pour in clean glasses
(skip the whisky :))
two important things:
let cook gently, not to let the jam produce a lot of foam.
it will take longer to get the jam ready, but on the other hand you don't have to
elimnate foam, that will give you lesser jam.
always let your jams and marmelade rest in glass or plastic bowls over the night.
alluminum and steel is not good for them.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

WHB# 208 - Max's homemade salted olives

during the last 10days of break down of my pc, the WHB went into it's 4th year.
that's fantastic..and I'm very happy to be part of this event from time to time! :))
I agree with Kalyn...the new logo is lovely!! green is my favorite colour! :)

this week we are hosted by Haalo from
Cook (almost) anything al least once
she's is also the one that now maneges this event,

an event started by Kalyn from Kalyn's kitchen.
Thank's so much, both of you!

more information about the WHB here:
who's hosting

I was in Florence for 3 days last week, staying at my dear friend Tatiana's place.
She lives with her mother, Luana..a great woman, widow since she was just 40, and since
then growing her 3 doughters all alone.
always with a smile on her face, always ready to help, always read to...cook! :))
one of Tatiana's sister, Pina also lives in the neiberhood, together with her husband Max and her son Maurizio.
I had a great fun together with Tatiana's family...
you can't even immagine all the tasty things I eat! and the quantity! :))
got back home 2kg more! :))))

Pina and Max are great gardeners, growing all sorts of vegetables, all sorts of fruits..
and of course olives!
I've learned a lot from them, just listing to all information the could give my...
I felt like a sponge! :)))
I came back with one salvia plant and two persimonn plants!!
yuppieeeee!! :))
there's nothing like a plant as a gift, don't you think?
makes me happier than any other gift.
now it is to late in the year to plant them, so I keep them in pots very close to the house
and go have a chat everyday, to be sure they are allright. :))

this is Max's way of putting away olives.
it is a very very simple way and you will
have fresh olives for more than two years (if you make a lot of them, that is :)))

Max's homemade salted olives

olive sotto sale di max - max's salted olives


choose big fresh black olives
(even bigger than the ones in the photo
Ivy's Kalamata olives would be perfect ;)
put them in a jar and cover with salt.
be sure all olives are perfectly covered.
put in a dark place.
check the jar every day, pour out the liquid that forms and add salt if necessary.
when you see the olives are all wrinkled and dry.
toss away the salt and put back in the jar.

Max, Pina, Luana and Tatiana eats the olives as appetizer, but for my they are to salted.
I use them in cooking, where I found them perfect.

I wish you all a nice new November week.
here on the most charming lake in Italy :))) The Garda Lake, it is raining...
and that means that it is snowing on our lovely mountain...

Monte Baldo...

yesterday I went up there...

the snow was perfect, until the fog rose and wrapped up all
the scenary..and melted it down.

rif. chierego

but anyway, just the honour to be part of such beauty makes you feel good.


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