Sunday, 24 January 2010

WHB# 217 - Havremarvkjeks - hulled oats cookies

this weeks host: Anna from Anna's Cool Finds
thank's Anna for hosting :)

more information about the WHB here:
who's hosting

Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo is helping her now keeping it together :)

one of my favorite places on Garda Lake is Riva del Garda, it is the village where the lake ends.
you can sit on the bench and you know you have all the Garda lake in front of you :)

panchina - porto riva

in this season it is very silent, very empty, very, solitarian.
I just adore it!


the other day I accompagnied my son Erik, who had some business there.
he talked and I strolled around all alone takeing photos.
unfortunately it was very dim and grey so the photos didn't come out very well,
but I like them anyway :)

on the west side of the lake the cliffs comes down very sharp.
it is fantastic standing up there, looking down the sharp edges.
or standing on the beach looking up.
it is impressive in both ways.

standing at the feet of those cliffs looking up, wishing the spring hurries up
made me smile...can't wait go trekking up there again. :)

sentiero del Ponale - verso limone

on the other side of the Mountain Baldo, it has finaly snowed!
so the other day, we went snowshoeing in Novezza.
it was fantastic!


some recipes are worth waiting, this is one of those.
I found it in one of my norvegian cookbooks, but could figure out what marv was.
Havre is oats (that is same as in swedish)...but marv???
in my norvegian-italian dictonary it wasn't what was I to do?
my curiosity growed and growed.
the I had a brilliant idea...why not ask my friend Anna at the mill!!!
so, I took the book with my and showed her...Anna loughed...but she is used to my strange
and sometimes wired questions.
reading in norvigian and she immagining what I was saying..she understood!
Havremarv=hulled oats!! (or do you use the word husk?)

so, of I went with my hulled oats happy as ever, promising Anna i would be back with
my havremarv cookies :))

Havremarvkjeks - Hulled oats cookies


you need:
500gr of hulled oats
500ml of milk*
250gr of butter
775gr flour
180gr of sugar
1/2 tsp of baker's ammonia (horn salt) **
put the oats in the milk and let swell for 24hours.
the mix all the ingredients (not the horn salt).
work the dough well, and the add the horn salt.
don't use more flour then what is written, leave the dough little stickery.
eventually use some flour when you roll it out.
try to roll it very thin, 1-2mm (it is not easy!)
cut out round or square cookies.
put on a baking try covered with bakeing paper.
bake in oven: 200° (or 180° ventilated) for 12-15min.
the should turn golden brown.
they are delicious! :))
* or soya milk
** when you put the horn salt in the dough, don't taste it.
it tastes aweful! you will also notice the ammonia smelling when you bake,.
it is normal.
wait to eat the cookies until they are completely cold. then the ammonia flavor will disappear.

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