Sunday, 28 February 2010

Azuki salad with green sellery, mozzarella and parmigiano

azuki salad with fresh green sellery, mozzarella and parmigiano cheese

we have always loved legumes in our family,
the only one that eat them because I has to

is Erik (son n°1) :))

but, since Sofia (doughter n°4) has become vegetarian (almost 1 and a half year now)
I'm trying to do them very often,
they are a very very valid substitute to meat and that
is good for all of us!

i didn't know the azuki beans,
but since I have found them it was love at first taste :))).

they are quick to cook (mine are hulled),
and are good in soups as in salads.

this is very quick and tasty and usualy you have all the ingredients at home.

Azuki salad with green sellery, mozzarella and parmigiano

for 2 persons or for 4 persons as antipasto (like in the photo)

100gr of green azukis
fresh green sellery leaves
2 mozzarellas
60gr of parmigiano cut in thin slices

for the vinaigrette:
extravergine olive oil
pressed lemon juice
salt, pepper and paprica
majoran or/and thyme

steam the azuki beans fo 25mins and let cool a little
cut the sellery leaves
cut the mozzarellas in small cubes
cut the parmigiano in thin slices (I use the cheese slicer from IKEA)
prepare the vinaigrette:
put all ingredients in a glass jar. close the lid and shake well.

mix all ingredients and season with the vinaigrette.
serve and enjoy.

thisare some photos from my trekking yesterday on Monte Baldo.
we (simoo and I)
took our argentine friend marina all the way up
to the mountain dew of Chierego (1916mt)

she was wornout but very very happy..
and the view from up there,
makes you forget all the effort, the strain.

the view from the Rif. Chierego

malga pre del beccoCentra

the view from beneath,
the construction on the edge of the mountain,
is the mountain dew Chierego

cima costabella - rif. chierego

marina and simooo struggling up :)

simo e marina

the 3 of us with the Garda lake beneath

brii simoo e marina

this recipe goes to my dear friend Rachel from the Chrispy Cook
this months host of MLLA # 20 - Susan and the well seasoned cook

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  1. Another wonderful peek at your beautiful country. Thanks for the photos and for sending this tasty looking salad recipe to My Legume Love Affair #20. I shall try to get the roundup done tomorrow or Tuesday.


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