Thursday, 18 February 2010

Loving Green Soup- 78th Tablescape Thursday

So it is Thursday again and we are all looking in susan from Between Naps on the Porch blog!
some many beautiful tablesettings!!
be sure you drop by to amire them all.
tablescape thursday's

in one of her earlier posts, Susan suggest us to use all of our tablewares.
well, I have this "soupware" (can you call it so?) since 25years..
a weeding gift from dear friends.
during the years 2 of the 6 soup plate has broken and as we are 6 or 8 at dinner
I actually never used them!
it is a pity, specially because of the round soup tureen.that contains a lot! :))

the other day we were only 4.. so why not make a soup, why not use it!

78th tablescape 1

78th tablescape 2

Table cloth with pomegranates: a piece of fabric coming from Erbisti (verona)
green soup plates and soup tureen: weeding gift
napkins: inheritance form my mother-in-laws mother
salt and pepper: the same as above
beige waterjug: the same as above
plate with grissini: gift from my father-in-law (with Verona designed in the same colours of the tablecloth)


soup plate decoration:
berries and leaf from English Ivy (hedera helix)
sprigs of St. John's Wort (hypericum hidcote)
some red leaves from a bush I don't recognazie

Green Soup

crema verde2

you need:

the green parto of one leek
1 potato (200gr)
1 small cauliflower (ca 400gr)
1 root celery (or celeriac) (sedano rapa)
1 onion
4 small zucchinis
only the foliage of a tuft of Catalogna lettuce
1 piece of green celery
1 l of water
2 tbsp of vegetable stock cube
extravergin olive oil
some milk to thin

chop the onion and let gently fry in some extravergin olive oil.
add all the other vegetables, brushed, peeled, cleaned and cut in pieces.
add the veg stock cube and let flavour.
pour the water over and let gently cook for aprx 40min (with lid)
whisk till you have a smooth cream.
add some milk to diluite and adjust with salt and pepper.
enjoy :)

crema verde1

and this was the view from my sunday walk near the Garda Lake :)
you see Assenza village and the Isle of Trimelone in front.


  1. Muy grande... fantastico.


    Greetings from a snowy Stockholm.

  2. Love your tablescape. So beautiful. Come by and watch our vlog version. Have a great day. Holly:)

  3. good morning!! here it's is raining!
    but the spring will arrive..sooner or later! :)

    @holly... thank's and here I come!!

    have a nice day.


thank's for passing by :)

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