Tuesday, 16 February 2010

paccheri with mushrooms, radicchio and almonds

the other day I had little time to make lunch..
I was In Prada - Costabella (Monte Baldo Mountain) doing trekking
with my new snowshoes :)))
the weather was perfect.


-9°C and no wind, some sunshine and nobody around.

verso il lago

I just love that!
together with Monica talking, walking and loughing
I proposed a new way going up, I said..."it look easier"
well...with the snow fresh and deep it was harder.
but we had a lot of fun...also doing some sunbathing
when we got to Malga Mondini :)))
da sole al sole

So I was in a hurry when I got home...not much time to cook special dishes
and when that happens I usually make a Pasta!! :)
this is very simple to do.
I used a special pasta called
Paccheri, given me by my dear friend Simoo.
but you can also use maccaroni or spaghetti or any other kind of pasta type.
Paccheri with mushrooms, radicchio and almonds

paccheri con funghi, radicchio e mandorle3

you need:

1 small
(I used the Verona type, little more bitter, but cheaper)
450gr of mushroom (champignons would do)
1 red onion (the are sweeter)
150ml of fresh cream
1 hand full of almonds
1/2 of a glass of white wine
500gr of pasta
extravergin olive oil
fresh milled pepper
some fresh parsly leaves to serve

chop the onion and let
add the mushrooms cut in slices let cook slowly for ca 10min.
ad the wine and let evaporate.
add the sliced radicchio and cook for another 2-3min.
add the cream and the roughly chopped almonds
let bubble while you finish cooking the pasta.
keep the pasta very "al dente", that is important
beacuse when it is ready you put together with the sauce in the pan.
increase the heat and while mixing all together
the pasta will finish cooking and get very tasty. :)

paccheri con funghi, radicchio e mandorle2

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  1. A simple and delicious pasta. My favorites are always with vegetables and some nuts. It's such a winning combination.

    Brii - I love the photos of you surrounded by all that snow. So beautiful.


thank's for passing by :)

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