Monday, 22 February 2010

Salame di cioccolato

This morning the wather was very grey and rainy, fortunately it is not cold..
that helps working in the garden outside :)

it is time to make some order, not to much as I don't know if it will stay so,
or get colder again.
it is a pity because my Scheffleree and Ficus inside,
where all looking out at the sweet, docile rain falling today.
they would have loved to stay outside
feeling the drops bathing and curing the dry leaves.
even if the temperature in this room never goes above 15°C
it is not very healthy for them.

well, to make joy and give some colours to these grey days,
you can cut some twigs of Forsizia
in 4-5days (dipending how warm you have inside) they will bloom

forsizia contro cielo grigio

(Forsythia, I have these at lot of them..the are very "chock-yellow",
if you have the possibility plant Forsythia suspensa,
that will give you flowers in a more deep yellow colour),


if you have a bush or a tree of Calicantus - Winter sweet
(Chimonanthus praecox), use twigs of them.
you will have beautiful flowers and perfum as well.

so, what is the best to do when it is grey outside?
bake of course! :)))

and this "salami", is quick, easy, also vegan if you wish!
no oven required!

Salame di cioccolato - chocolate "salami"

the recipe comes from my dear friend Alice and her fabulous blog
"kitchen bloody kitchen"

salame di cioccolato 3

you need:

110gr of milk (soy or cow)
150gr dark chocolate max 50% *
40gr of rice oil or maize oil
150gr of light cookies ( dry cookies without eggs and butter)**

melt the chocolate in the milk.
when complytely melted, add the oil and whisk well.
add the crushed cookies.
mix and let cool to room temperature.
then form a "salami"
(if you put the chocolate/cookie mass on a bakeing paper,
and the form the "salami" it will be easier and you won't soil youself)
let the "salami" rest a couple of hours in the fridge.
enjoy! :))


I used cow milk, but Alice who is vegan suggests soy milk (unsugared)
* you can use also darked chocolate,
I used Perugina 85% but then added 30gr of sugar
to sweeten up a little.
** use dry cookies, like them you soak in tea or milk in the morning.
mine are "più leggeri così" from Galbusera. Without eggs or butter.

salame di cioccolato2

aaaaaaaah, I live on the most charming lake in Italy..
the Garda Lake...this was the sunset on Saturday 20 February.
fortelling that Sunday would be a lovely day

sunset 20 february 2010 1

and as a matter of a was! :)
this is Malcesine where I was doing trekking yesterday

malcesine da prea

and a little bit higher :)

navene-fine del lago - riva


  1. the salame di cioccolato looks delicious...but so does your daily vistas. The photos of your treks are breathtaking.

  2. ciaoooo joan!!
    thank you :))
    I'm so happy to have them, helps me get over bad moments, makes me feel good when I'm are down.
    a big hug dear


thank's for passing by :)

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