Sunday, 7 February 2010

WHB# 219 - homemade lavender bodytalc

this weekend herbal blog host is Simona from
thank you Simona for hosting.

more information about the WHB here:
who's hosting
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo is now helping her keeping it together :)

during our many many trekkings, it can happen to sweat.
(well, let's say it happens always :)))
even today..
with -2°C, going upwards with snowshoes it got very very warm
(900mt of dislivel in 3km)

brii & simoo

malga ortigaretta

sometimes during my guiding it can be rather imbarressant.
people mostly don't mind but I don't feel comfortable.
(usually we all stink! :))))

so, when my friend Luciana told me to try using plain bicarbonate
yes, the one you use in cooking!
I said why not try it!!!
it works! also in extreme cases,
like a very very important appointment with
majors, actually the whole town council :))
that happend this Saturday..
and I was extremely nervous...
my intention was to get them interested in my project.
I'm trying to get people around here interested in
promote our charming lake
in a new way, by trekking.
using old mule ways and even older paths.
there is so many of these,
but in very bad conditions.
often dirty and unusable.
well, both worked!
the bicarbonate and my talking :)))
this will be a very good summer :)

you can of course use just the plain bicarbonate...
but why not try perfum it?

Homemade lavender bodytalc

you need:
150gr of sodium bicarbonate (plain cooking bicarbonate)
20gr of coars salt
30gr of dry lavender flowers
homemade lavender bathsalt*
but all ingredients in a mixer and mix to powder.
keep in a hermetic glass jar.
how to use:
after your shower, dry yourself very wel..
then take a small quantity of
lavender talc and massage yourself.
neck, armpits, dècolletè.
don't but on your legs, it gives very dry skin.
if you have problems with dry skin try this:
it is fantastic! :)
*I used my lavender bathsalt.
proceed like this:
cut lavender flowers in bloom
( noon is best, so they are at their maximum of perfum)

alternate layers of coars salt and lavender flowers.

let dry in the sun for 4-5 days,

remember to take inside if you have humid nights.

no and then, mix with your hands to crush big clumps.

put in a glass jar..or give away. :)

I leave you with this view from Costabella (monte Baldo) this morning..

in memory of Luca and Matteo.

nuvole sul lago

have a nice week.


  1. Beautiful photos and very nice recipe! Good luck with your project, which sounds very interesting. Thank you so much for participating.

  2. ciaooo simona and thank you!!


thank's for passing by :)

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