Sunday, 14 February 2010

WHB# 220 - Sweet Pumpkin cubes

This week we are hosted by Chris from Mele Cotte thank you Chris for hosting! :)

more information about the WHB here:

who's hosting
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo is now helping her keeping it together :)

one of my favorite task with my guiding-job is looking for new paths to accompagnion my turists. first I study my maps, then I discuss with Roberto or Andrea (my bosses)
but even if they don't agree or are not enthusiastic I usually go and try anyway :)

like today, Roberto couldn't come (problems with his knee), Andrea had else to do,
nor Simoo(away skiing) or Monica (doing Sunday housekeeping)
soooo, I went alone!

beautiful trekking way! I'm so happy I did it..
and I'll certanly bring my Germans around
this summer.
I'm sure they will love it too! :))

here is some viewsalonthe way...

in a olive field (a lot of them)
oliveto cassone

panorama and pic nic place ;)

vista da perotti

Lake Garda with Isola di Trimelone (the village is Assenza)

assenza, isola di trimelone lago

where we end up, Porto (very very nice)


Sweet Pumpkin cubes
this recipe comes from a very dear friend of mine Nilla Bertani

sweet pumpkin cubes3
you need:
300gr of pumpkin (peeled)
100gr of sugar
100gr of almonds
100gr of amaretti biscuits
150gr of flour
3 eggs
70g of butter
100gr of raisins
peel f 1 lemon
a pinch of salt
1/2 tps of ground cinnamon
18gr of baking soda(1 cachet)
put the pumpkin (cut in pices) in a pot with 20gr of the butter, let cook slowly for 10min.
let cool.
but the raisins in some water to soften up
chop the amaretti and put aside (I use a meat mallet, amaretti in a cloth)
put sugar, almonds and the lemon peel in a mixer and chop.
add the flour, cinnamon and the amaretti and mix well.
now, add the coolen smashed pumpkin, mix and the the baking soda.
pour the compound in a greased retangular mould (or put baking paper)
season the raisins over the cake and bake 150° C for 30min and the 170° for 15min
let cool completaly and the cut in cubes.

sweet pumpkin cubes2
have a nice week :)


  1. Love the lil' cubes! And...I think the olive field picture is fabulous! Thanks for participating in WHB!

  2. ciaooo Chris!!
    thank you!!!
    I hope my German turist will like it too
    have a nice week


thank's for passing by :)

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