Sunday, 8 August 2010

WHB #243 - Marinated cheese

I had some friends coming over some Sundays ago. 
we were in 29, and everybody brought something.
the great thing was that people came from all over Italy, 
so we had a lot of Regional specialities.


 one of them Albiii brought a marinated Czech cheese, called Hèrmlìn. 
it was fantastic!!
here is the recipe Albii put on our forum, 
he used Hérmelín, brand  "Král Sýrů",, and here I found it in English
unfortunately we can not find the same kind here,
 but I tried it with two other sorts.
one is a Tomino and the other a kind of Brie.
the first one is typical from Piemonte and the other is French.
both serves well the purpose.

Marinated Cheese

marinated cheese2

you need:

cheese like Camenbert, Brie or Tomino (or something similar)
sunflower oil*
garlic (I didn't used it)
pepper grains
juniper grains
fresh leaves of salvia
fresch chili in slices

cut the cheese in half, put roughly smashed juniper and pepper grains, together with sliced chili and fresh salvia leaves in the middle. close the cheese and cover with oil.
let marinate in the fridge for at least two days before serving**, this is also delicious served with fresh red onion rings***

marinated cheese1

* this oil is the mildest so it doesn't cover the taste of the cheese.
** I prefer to let it marinate in the fridge, here it is to warm
*** if you have problems with digestion, try this tip from my dear friend Marinella
cut the onion in slices and put in cold salted water for an hour or so.
will soften the taste of the onion.
I preferred to use salvia instead of bay, as bay is more bitter in taste.

marinated cheese3

I leave you with some photos of our beautiful lake, the most charming in Italy :DDD
this week it has been incredible, clear not to hot..fantastic colours and view every day.

have a nice week.

auguriii lo 4 august 2010

sirmione in the rain 5h August 2010

after the storm 3 august 2010

I send this to Lynne from
hosting this week's herbal blogging.
thank you Lynne for hosting!!

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)


  1. I love cheese prepared any way. This looks fantastic.

  2. Wow, how did you manage with all those people? The cheese looks fantastic and lots of beautiful pictures of the lake.


thank's for passing by :)

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