Sunday, 12 September 2010

WHB # 250 - Sweet Aubergine (eggplant) strudel

this has been a very busy period. 
I have had groups of different sizes, nationalities and ages :)
The most charmful, happy,
easy group with the most lovely personswas surely the Cantus group
from Iceland.
Oh, we had much fun, ending up in a nice resaturant the last evening.
What also was a special with this group, 
was that is was also the first group I guided 4 years ago.
I remember how nervous I was, didn't know what to do, what to say, how to behave...
but they were so sweet, so kind that I relaxed at once.
We left each other with the promise that I'll come to Iceland,
 and they will be back soon
on the Garda Lake :)))

here we are at dinner in Lazise at " La taverna da Oreste"

cantus  (iceland) 10 september 2010

here in one of our trekkings
Cantus (Iceland) 5/6 September 2010

with the other group I had this week it was rather different, 
they were 35 and it was difficult
to please all of them.

here we are taking the skilift up to Costabella (monte Baldo)

alpbachtal reisedienst 3/4 september 2010

and here embracing a beautiful old beech tree.
 In Costabella there is a lot of them, 
centuary old and they simply lovely in autumn
 when their leaves changes colour.

alpbachtal reisedienst 3/4 september 2010

I also had a schoolar class, they were 26 and that is ok. 
all of them doesn't listen anyway so you usually concentrate on the 10-15 interested :))
silly me didn't bring the camera, and that is was a pity.
it was a spectacular day, sun shining with the bluest lake you could imagine.
the kids were very polite, kind and slow :)))
wanted to stop sunbathing all the time, but we had fun anyway...
learning about the Monte Baldo sitting in the warm sun 
is far more fun than sitting in a school class. 
we all agreed about that! :))

so, what have I prepared for this week's herbal blogging?
but a Sweet Aubergine strudel of course :))))

this is from a very nice little book
"cucino e poi regalo" - I cook and I give away.

you should try is delicious!

Sweet Aubergine Strudel

strudel di melanzane1

you need:

puff pastry
1 small aubergine
80gr of mixed nuts (grated)
100gr of sugar*
1 egg
1 organic lemon
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
2 tbsp of apricot jam
3 cookies (crushed)
120gr of dark chocolate**

cut the aubergine in very tiny pieces and mix with the crushed chocolate and nuts.
then add sugar, egg, lemon zests.
mix well.
unroll the puff pastry and spread the apricot jam on the bottom.
over the jam spread the crushed cookies.
then spread the aubergine mixture (keep the borders free)
roll the puff pastry together like a strudel, pinching the borders to keep close.
cook in hot oven 200° C for ca 30-35min.

let cool and before serving decorate with icing sugar.

strudel di melanzane


* of course you can use less sugar.
** the choccolate is my idea, not in the original recipe.
but it taste very good together

Weekend Herb Blogging

Weekend Herb Blogging

I send this to dear  Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs)
who is hosting this week's special edition of Weekend herbal blogging!
Thank you Graziana for hosting!


  1. I never prepared a sweet aubergine recipe, this looks like a real treat! Thank you for joining to WHB

  2. I have had strudel before, but never with eggplant. Is a sweet aubergine the same as a normal aubergine? It sounds very interesting!

  3. Fascinating! I love eggplant - eat it all the time. In fact, I had caponata for dinner! But I've never had it 'sweet'. I want a piece!

  4. @graziana, thank you for hosting!! it was the first time for me too, and I must admit that I didn't tell my family what was in it until AFTER they had tried it!
    but, they loved it!!

    @janet, sorry my english isn't that good, it is an normal eggplant or normal aubergine.
    you can use the purple or the white one. it is really good! :)

    @joan...haha the caponata is also one of my favorites!
    hmmmm, I think I have to give you the recipe of my eggplant and orange jam!! you will love it!

    Ah, I forgot to is even better the day after!


thank's for passing by :)

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