Sunday, 26 September 2010

WHB 252 - Peach jam with ginger and Salvia

aaaaah..last week of September!!
this means also last week of big groups! after that until the end of October
I will only have small groups, few people, one ore two.
like last week, a couple Rolf & Irena came twice trekking with me.
on Friday also Manfred joined us.
we did Malcesine-Navene, 9km not that tough,
lot of strength to talk and lough along the way :DD

manfred , Rolf & Irena

we also visit a photograph exhibition in Navene, beautiful big photos in B&W.
it was lovely!
altre foto della mostra a Navene

with my dear friends Simoo and Monica I visited two little mountain churches last week.
they are both from the 17th centuary, and for the moment I will show you just the photos
but this winter I will make posts about them, because their story is so interesting.

the church of Sant'Eustachio

san' eustachio - montesel 20 september 2010

and this is San Michele

san michele - bastia (incaffi) 23 sept. 2010

and of course I had a german schoolar class
29 girls!! :DD
they were cute, polite and very educated!

Maria-Ward-Realschuhe 22 sept. 2010

this week I have 3 classes!! helpppp!!!

before leaving you with the recipe, I wish to show you our beautiful lake...
the Garda Lake!
today it was spectacular.

auguri Gino! 26 sept. 2010

Peach jam with ginger and salvia

pesche zenzero e salvia1

you need:
1,5kg of peaches (peeled and stoned)
20gr of freshly grated ginger
350gr of sugar
6-7 fresh salvia leaves
15gr of Pectin*

peel and stone the peaches, put in pot together with the ginger, sugar and the salvia leaves.
let cook gently for 20 min than turn of the fire, transfer the peaches in a glass or plastic
bowl and let rest in a cool place over the night.
the next day put the peaches back to the pot and cook gently for another 20-25min.
take away from the fire and let cool completaly. add the pectin and let take a quick boil
let cook while mixing for 6-7 min.
skip the salvia leaves and pour in a clean glasses.
close lid well, and let cool completaly up side down.
store in a cool, dare and dry place.
will conserver at least for one year.

pesche zenzero e salvia1

we liked it very much as a breakfast jam.

this week we are hosted by Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen
thank you Winnie for hosting!

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm delicious!!!!!!!!

  2. hi Bril
    your pictures are beautiful!! thanks so much for sharing them with us! thank you for a great jam recipe and welcome to foodbuzz!

  3. Interesting... I've never made anything with salvia before. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen the plant. I'll have to keep my eye out next summer when I'm buying my herb plants.

  4. @ale....bona si!!! :))

    @chef dennis...thank you I'm so happy to make part of the Foodbuzz!

    @rachel, you must try and find a plant will love the perfume and the taste.

    thank's for passing by!


thank's for passing by :)

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