Saturday, 16 October 2010

A Pink Thought for Iris - Pink Saturday/Rivoluzione in Rosa

pink thought for Iris

today is a very sad day for me, 
today it is 11 months since my beloved mother-in-law passed away.
this morning I will go in the woods with my dear friend Simooo collecting mushrooms.
She called me yesterday evening, 
proposing this thing to do together, 
to keep my mind on something else.
then this evening I will try to cook a special dinner,
 for my family and my father-in-law, Manfred
who is coming to dinner since that terrible day last November.
I'm trying so hard to keep our family together, 
but it is not that easy and now I understand
the efforts Iris always did.

Iris, was born in Wien in 1940.
 in that time Austria was German, 
and not a very funny place to
grow up in.
Iris's family is originally Austro-Hungarian, 
they fled from their little village to Austria
in the late '30.
Iris's childhood was not very happy, 
she was a lone child, and her mother was an actress.
Iris's was sent to a collage in Switzerland to be protected during the war, 
but she got ill
and had to come back home again.
after the war Iris and her mother Renée moved to Hamburg 
and here 16 years old she met
since then they have always been together,
 and it is so heartbreaking seeing him alone
every day now.

Iris's got breast cancer, like my mother, like many many many other women.
she was operated and everything seemed solved,
 but then 5 years ago she got ill again.
after many suggestions, doctors reading, 
they finally understood
bone cancer.

these last 5 years has been intense, hard, strong, meaningful and so full of love.
she wanted to see us every Sunday like all almost 30years of Sundays before.
she organized trips, cookies baking for all nephews, vacations, birthday parties
for everyone.
every day a little slower, every day with more difficulty...
until one day she fell a sleep and didn't wake up anymore.
16 Novembre 2010

pink thought for Iris

I found a photo of Christmas 2008, Iris, Manfred and us

my family

and I have two nice photos of Manfred and us, Florian, Helena, Sofi and me
when possible I try to organize light trekkings for all my family.

con manfred


I wish to thank Beverly to have given me this opportunity to tell you about Iris.
this post also goes to Mammafelice who also wants us to be more
sensible to the prevention of breast cancer

in Italy this month it is possible to do mammography free
in 390 places around Italy.
you can find where to do it in these two sites

   take care of yourselves


  1. What a wonderful story and what a special lady Iris was. This tribute is wonderful for Pink Saturday.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm so glad you shared her story with us. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman and mother-in-law.

  3. I remember how my mother was when my father passed away. Unfortunately, she got lung cancer and passed away 4 years later. It was family who kept her going those years! I understand your efforts and their wonderful! Great tribute,

  4. What a lovely tribute -- it's been eight years since my mother passed away too. Thanks for your very kind visit to my Halloween table.

  5. What a special tribute to a lovely lady. Eventually you'll remember her life more than her passing. I'm glad you had such a special person in your world. We must beat Breast Cancer in our lifetime.


thank's for passing by :)

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