Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mung Beans and Buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

we are waiting for the snow, it should come tomorrow.
we will see....
this morning it was so cold, pure, windy and loud :D
pizzocolo, san vigilio, monte bre, monte are, monte luppia,

now and then the sun came out from behind heavy grey clouds.
our lake is so beautiful in this period of the year, so clean, so blue, so "ours".

pizzocolo, san vigilio, nuvoloni

today, with the wind rather hard and cold,  we were quite alone walking on the lake side.
I adore this place, couldn't live somewhere else I think.


yes, of course I miss south of Sweden where I was born, I miss the perfume of the sea, the mist, the fog,the brown and grey earth in the autumn,  the cold winter days, the neverending summer nights...
but, the Garda Lake is a very, very special place.

Mung Beans and Buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

mung beans & buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

sorry for the long name, I didn't know what to call it :DD
this recipe comes from a very dear friend of mine, Lorenza and from her blog
Galline 2nd life (chicken 2nd life)
a love her files on vegetables and herbs, I always find so useful and interesting information.
yesterday when I saw this recipe over by hers, I thought it was perfect for the MLLA!
and it is perfect for Sofi (daughter n°4) who is vegetarian, like Lisa who is hosting this month's MLLA

so here we go.

mung beans & buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

you need:

240gr of mung beans *
240gr of buckwheat groat
2 big leeks or 4 small
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 glass of white wine
2 l of water
fresh salvia leaves
multicolored pepper
extravergin olive oil or other vegetable oil

put your mung beans in water over the night.

in a pressure cooker put some oil, one salvia leaf, the garlic and the leeks cut in fine, tiny slices
add the wine and let evaporate.

mung beans & buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

and the soaked mung beans and the buckwheat and toast lightly, mix all the time.

add the water some pepper grains and two-three salvia leaves,
close lid and when it is whistles, lower the heat and cook for 15min**

serve with olive oil, multicolored peppercorns and a salvia leaf

thank's for the recipe Lorenza, it is very very tasty!!

mung beans & buckwheat groat soup with leek and salvia

* Lorenza used lentils in her recipe, but I was without so I tried with mung beans! :D

** if you don't use the pressure cooker, you will need ca 25-30min.

I send this to Lisa from Lisa's kitchen
hosting MLLA  29
thank you for hosting Lisa.
here the host line up


  1. Ora ti dico cosa ho capito io. Ci vanno: aglio, vino bianco, salvia fresca, sale, pepe in multicolor, olio ex, poi... nebbia in valpadana!!! Forse mescoli e butti tutto nel water??? Ma allora non serve acqua calda, o usi quella del bidet??? Va be', mi rassegno, quando andiamo a perderci a MI fai tutto il giorno a parlarmi inglese così non capisco nemmeno dove è il punto d'incontro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahahaahaa
    alda, per perderci noi due in giro non serve parlare in inglese
    siamo bravissime anche farlo in italiano!
    oddio, ci vedo già..


thank's for passing by :)

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