Sunday, 14 November 2010

veggieballs - WHB#259

the other day I was in the car with my youngest daughter, Sofi when she said:
"look, mamy that's so beautiful!!"
I look the way she pointed, and saw what had drawn her attention.


the funny thing is that I had stopped there the very same morning to take photos of this pink flaming fench.

ampelopsis, Moscal sullo sfondo

nature is so incredible, even while dying it gives all of it self, leaving us with memories
that will last until the next autumn.
this is an ampelopsis (Boston Ivy), a climber that is so beautiful in a very short time in autumn.

loc virle - marciaga

the leaves turns yellow-orange-red and falls, making a colourfull carpet under fenches and house walls
and then when the leaves have all fallen, all that remains is the pink stems and the black berries.

berries of ampelopsis"
and in another short time, a night's chilly temperature, a blow of a wind stronger than usual and it is all over, until next autumn.

I was so happy that also Sofi had noticed this wonder of nature.
this made me feel so good,
that not all that I say, I tell, just goes in one ear and drops out of the other. :DD

Sofi is my vegetarian daughter, it is not easy in our meat-eating family but I'm on her side
doing my best to invent new, interesting dishes.
this is an idea of my dear friend Ale, she is so positive, so full of life, it is fantastic being around her! I just adore her!!!


polpette veggies2

you need:

480gr ca of mixed vegetables (onion, zucchini, carrots, sellery, fennel for ex)
250gr if ricotta cheese or other soft cheese
110gr of Leerdamer or other strong cheese
140gr of Parmigiano or Grana Padana or other aged cheese
120gr ca of bread crumbs homemade of course :D

stew the vegetables in a pan with little oil and stock cube (homemade?)
let cool and then mix with the soft and the grated hard cheeses.
add breadcrumbs until you have a not to wet mass, you should be able to make small balls of it.

put your veggieballs on a tray covered with baking paper.
bake in oven 180° for 20-25min depending on how big your balls are.

enjoy warm or cold.
polpette veggies1


to make it vegan choose soft and hard kinds of tofu.
please consider that some vegetables are fuller of water then others, like zucchini for ex.
you will need more bread crumbs in that case.
if you are without bread crumbs use maize flour.

I thank Ale, for the recipe and all the suggestions. :-***

 Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook 
is hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging
Thank you Susan!!

and of course I can't live you without a glimps of the wonderful place I'm so blessed and happy to live in!

pizzocolo, toscolano.maderno, baia di salò


  1. Gorgeous Boston Ivy! Just love that vine.

    Love your recipe,too, Brii. It's great to see a nice combo of vegetables in one dish.

    Thank you for joining in WHB!

  2. Brii, love your pictures and that Boston Ivy reminded me of a story when I was kid. It was about a wall on a house just like the picture and from away they thought the house was on fire, just to tell us how beatiful this plant is.
    Love your veggie balls as well.

  3. Quegli stecchini mi sembrano familiari... mumble mumble... :D

  4. Che carina questa ricetta. L'unico problema e' che poi come si fa a smettere di mangiare queste palline? Ho appena letto che organizzerai la versione italiana di WHB: una bellissima idea!


thank's for passing by :)

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