Sunday, 19 December 2010

spiral cookies - WHB #264

I have a very very good news!
it is my pleasure to show you the work my oldest son has done.
he works for a German Photovoltaic company and yesterday they finished a big job.
putting photovoltaic panels in a roundabout in a village here nearby.
it has been a 2 year long job, not the actual mans work but all the bureaucratic work behind.
I'm so proud of Erik and all his team of colleagues!
I do hope this is the first step to get more people in Italy to understand the importance
of alternative energy!

here is a photo of the roundabout 4 days ago almost ready. the photo was taken by my husband from a helicopter.

photovoltaic in the roundabout in Affi

Spiral Cookies

chiocciole - spirals

this recipe comes from Iris, she made this cookies every year.
we had some difficulties finding the recipe, not knowing exactly very to look.
it was rather painful reading here notebooks, but with Manfred's help in the end we found the right recipe.
usually she prepared everything one day and then the kids made cookies with the ready dough the next day.
so, also this year the tradition went on.

making cookies 5 dic 2010

you need:
for ca 90 cookies

500gr of flour
350gr of butter (room temperature)
1 egg
2 yolks
200gr of sugar
1 package of vanilla sugar

fot the cacao dough:
 add 2 tbsp of cacao (not sugared) to the white dough

mix the dry ingredients and the add the soften butter, the egg and the 2 yolks
work quickly with flour on you hands.
make a ball of the dough cover with plastic folie and put 12 hours to rest in the fridge.
make another dough with the cacao and put that dough to rest in the fridge too.
the next day, roll out the white dough not thicker than 2cm
and then roll out the cacao dough on a baking paper not thicker then 1,5cm
put the cacao dough over the white one and roll together in a narrow roll.
put to rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
the cut out cookies not thicker then 1cm
put on trays covered with baking paper and bake in oven
180°C for 12min.
will conserve for over 20days in a tin box.

chiocciole - spirals

in these last days we have had soo cold, snowy and frosty
pool with snow 17 dic 2010

cat in the sun, cat on ice 2 18 dic 2010

 I send this recipe to Haalo hosting this week's herbal blogging

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

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  1. beautiful cookies - they look so impressive with the spiral - am sure they made wonderful gifts


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