Sunday, 31 January 2010

WHB# 218 - chocolate and coconut muffins (vegan)

this week's herbal blogging will take place in Rachel from The Crispy Cook 's kitchen
thank you so much for hosting Rachel!!
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Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo is helping her now keeping it together :)

one of my two doughters is vegeterian for more than 1 year now.
in the beginning it was very difficult for my organize the food, I was always worried she eat
enough proteins.
her two brothers, her sister and even her father argued aginst us,
"what?? no meat??? impossibile!!" :)))

but she was stubborn, and I agreed at least let her she went on with it.
with patience and study, learning of all my misstakes
now I handle this rather good. :)
you should know that all the rest of the family likes her vegetarian food too! :))

yesterday I went to Trento (ca 70km from here)
together with my friends shopping in a Asian-African food shop.

amiche a trento

we were 5 fodbloggers
cri - la golosastra
alice - kitchen bloody kitchen
marta - viaggiare è un po' come mangiare
manu - ...profumi e colori
me :))
and a very dear friend of mine, alda!
she hasn't got any blog but she's a superb cook!

we had a lot of fun spending our money, making a lot of noise, split our home made bread, cakes, teas and muffins!
look, even more fun than doing other kind of shopping! :))

crii a mano bassa
alice e marta cercano
and we always try to be very ecological..going by train.
and that is even more fun,
beacause the only thing to pay attention to is to get of at the right station!
well, alda and me missed ours :))

FERMATA  di dolcè

I had to call my husband to come and fetch us in the next railwaystation.
the other three loughed aloud!

vegan...that is even harder than vegetarian,
but as all new things inspires my and I like to learn,
I like to improve my knowledge...
I ask, I think, I search and I try.
crii and alice are both vegan and crii brought this delicious muffins to try.
I had to have the recipe immeditely!! :))

they are very quick, very easy and very GOOD!

Chocolate and coconut muffins

you need:
125gr of coconut milk (in tan)
100gr of flour (or rice flour)
15gr of dried rasped coconut
70gr of brown sugar
25gr of rice or maize oil
50gr of dark grated chocolate
1 tsp of cremor tartar
1 pinch (a very very small one) of salt.
mix the dry ingredients
mix the liquid ingredents
pour the liquid ingredients in the dry ones.
mix quickly and not to long.
add the grated dark chocolate and mix quickly.
pour in muffin shaped paper stamps.
bake 180° for 20min for 6 big ones and 10min if you make minimuffins like mine.
mafi di crii3

I made dubble dose and got 45minimuffins.
mmmmmm :))))

mafi di crii2

this is the sunset this evening, finally a almost clear day
it has been so misty in the past 20days...
we really longed to see our beautiful lake again!
have a nice February week.
sunset 31 january 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

WHB# 217 - Havremarvkjeks - hulled oats cookies

this weeks host: Anna from Anna's Cool Finds
thank's Anna for hosting :)

more information about the WHB here:
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Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo is helping her now keeping it together :)

one of my favorite places on Garda Lake is Riva del Garda, it is the village where the lake ends.
you can sit on the bench and you know you have all the Garda lake in front of you :)

panchina - porto riva

in this season it is very silent, very empty, very, solitarian.
I just adore it!


the other day I accompagnied my son Erik, who had some business there.
he talked and I strolled around all alone takeing photos.
unfortunately it was very dim and grey so the photos didn't come out very well,
but I like them anyway :)

on the west side of the lake the cliffs comes down very sharp.
it is fantastic standing up there, looking down the sharp edges.
or standing on the beach looking up.
it is impressive in both ways.

standing at the feet of those cliffs looking up, wishing the spring hurries up
made me smile...can't wait go trekking up there again. :)

sentiero del Ponale - verso limone

on the other side of the Mountain Baldo, it has finaly snowed!
so the other day, we went snowshoeing in Novezza.
it was fantastic!


some recipes are worth waiting, this is one of those.
I found it in one of my norvegian cookbooks, but could figure out what marv was.
Havre is oats (that is same as in swedish)...but marv???
in my norvegian-italian dictonary it wasn't what was I to do?
my curiosity growed and growed.
the I had a brilliant idea...why not ask my friend Anna at the mill!!!
so, I took the book with my and showed her...Anna loughed...but she is used to my strange
and sometimes wired questions.
reading in norvigian and she immagining what I was saying..she understood!
Havremarv=hulled oats!! (or do you use the word husk?)

so, of I went with my hulled oats happy as ever, promising Anna i would be back with
my havremarv cookies :))

Havremarvkjeks - Hulled oats cookies


you need:
500gr of hulled oats
500ml of milk*
250gr of butter
775gr flour
180gr of sugar
1/2 tsp of baker's ammonia (horn salt) **
put the oats in the milk and let swell for 24hours.
the mix all the ingredients (not the horn salt).
work the dough well, and the add the horn salt.
don't use more flour then what is written, leave the dough little stickery.
eventually use some flour when you roll it out.
try to roll it very thin, 1-2mm (it is not easy!)
cut out round or square cookies.
put on a baking try covered with bakeing paper.
bake in oven: 200° (or 180° ventilated) for 12-15min.
the should turn golden brown.
they are delicious! :))
* or soya milk
** when you put the horn salt in the dough, don't taste it.
it tastes aweful! you will also notice the ammonia smelling when you bake,.
it is normal.
wait to eat the cookies until they are completely cold. then the ammonia flavor will disappear.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mole Poblano de Guajolote - Culinary tour 2010

I went to México in November 2001.
It was beautiful, incredibile, magic
A wonderful vacation, that started in a disaster but had a happy ending!

beacuse I exchanged some passport and my older son wasn't permitted to
board the airplane!
was it my fault my husband travelled so often he had TWO passports??
was it my fault I was the supervior of all documents??
was it my fault that we boarded the airplane last of all, the rest of the 259 passsengers all seated??
yes it was! :))
ok it is a funny story, I even laugh when I think of it..but at the time I was rather desperate.

I left with three kids, flo remained in Milano with the older kid. :(
he said "don't worry we will catch up with you"
eh??? how????

our floght left with 1 and a half hour of delay, everybody on the plane was furiose
but when the saw us coming in , my in crying like a sheep (or was it cow??)
nobody said a word, probobly thing someting very bad had happen
(well, leaving husband and son behind you is defenitive bad enough!!!)

arriving in Cancun, our guide (who already know the situation) said he couldn't accompagnion us to our hotel..he had the other 259 to escort to hotels in Playa del Carmen.
so he, called me a cab and asked me.."can you handle it alone?"
suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, after 15hours of crying, feeling like a complately failure, I was prepared for everything!!!

we were booked at the Barcelòr maya Riviera.

good place, very very near Tulum.

no problem, everybody knew we missed some persons, everybody where very very comprehensive

I cried myself to sleep.....
...and the next day Flo and Erik arrived on two white horses..:)))
nooooo, on a huge Ford :))
flo simply bought two new tickets to Cancun,
rent a car and drove down to us!
happy ending:)))

we visit Tulin, which was incredible..beautiful,
I left a piece of my heart there
and also Chitzen Itza..
were we really were overhelmed with the magnificence.

it is three days I'm searching the photos.
will add them when I find them!
you come back and visit :)

yes!! finally the recipe!!

I must apologize for the photos,
but the dinner ended with good Mèxican Tequila


this is three of my kids querrelling over the Tequila :)))

kids with tequila

Mole Poblano de Guajolote


this takes time to prepare, but I assure you it's worth it!
and it has cocoa as one of the ingredients!!

you need:
1 piece of turkey (mine was a little over 2kg)

for the sauce:
2 tablespoons of corn oil
2 green bell peppers,
2 small green peppers( not spicy)
1 red chili pepper,(make 3 of them)
1 onion
600 gr. peeled tomatoes,
3 cloves garlic
150 gr. almonds
80 gr. peanut
4 cloves
few grains of black pepper
1 teaspoon coriander
1 piece of cinnamon
1 teaspoon anise seeds,
60 gr. raisins
60 gr. unsweetened cocoa,
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
a tortilla media (I used grissini, I'm in Italy or not:))))
turkey broth or other meat broth
(I used vegetable stock cube)
vinegar, salt.

clean the turkey and rubb with this marinade:

extravergine olive oil,
toastes sesame seeds and allmond slices
white vine
let marinate for a couple of hours
then put in oven 200° for aprox 2 hours.
(pour the marinate over the turkey)

prepare the Mole Poblano sauce:
toste the peppers (bell peppers, green peppers and chili peppers)
rub of the skin and let rest in hot water for 12hours
then drain and mix with a blender

in a pan, gralic and chopped onion,
let fry in little oil and the add the peeled tomatoes, and the cooca
let cook for 5min.

toast the tortillia (or the crumbled grissinis) pour in the blender together with the tomatoe suace and the mix with the peppers
in a pan toast:
the nuts,
half of the sesam seeds,
the cloves,
the black pepper,
anise seeds
add to the blender. mix
add the raisins. mix
not to smooth,
it is perfect to feel the nuts and the rasins.
gets very "crunchy"

now, all this you pour in your pan, add some vinegar and sugar
and you let it cook slowly for 30-40min.
let rest for two hours.
pour this sauce over the turkey and cook for another 1omin.

in the meanwhile
toast the rest of the sesame seeds and before serving season the dish.
if possible, leave a little sauce aside.
it is delciuos the next day with boiled black beans ;)


this is for you joan :)))
thank you for remembering me of Mèxico

hasta la vista!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

WHB# 215 - Pumpkin & Cocoa Cake

this week's host - Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once.

more information about the WHB here:
who's hosting

Kalyn created this great event and

Haalo is helping her now keeping it together :)

Happy new year, you all, I do wish you a very very special 2010.

My many of your wishes come through :)
that's what I hope for me too :)))

in these days I'm studying new paths for my trekkings.
the other day I received an e-mail with other photos of this summer
look, don't they seem very interested :)))


wow, can't wait to get out trekking with "my" turists again :)

and today it was a perfect day for walking..

say hallo to Italy's most charming lake..

the Garda Lake!

me? I cleaned the garage today! :))

da casa 10 january 2010

this is a recipe given me by a internet friend of mine, Paola
we've known each other virtualy since 2005, but have never met.
she lived in Mexico for several years and is now back in Italy.
I do hope to meet her soon :)

Pumpkin & cocoa Cake

pumpkin &chocolate

you need:

400gr of cooked pumpkin

200gr of sugar

60gr of cocoa powder

100gr of flour

150gr of butter (temperature)

2 eggs

16gr of baking soda (one sachet)

melt the sugar and the butter.

add cocoa powder(sift it). then add the well bated eggs, and after that the smashed pumkin.

finish adding the sifted flour together with the baking soda.

mix well, it is half liquid but that is right.

pour the compound in a floured and greased baking mold.

bake in a preheated oven: 160°C for 40-50min

it is fantastic!!! :)

pumpkin &chocolate2

Thursday, 7 January 2010

tabelscape thursday - Winter salad with Panch Puren dressing

today I found myself having lunch alone with my Father-in-law.
he had not much time, so I took out a pasticcio from the freezer and put it in the oven.
while the pasticcio was heating I made a salad....

hm, I felt a little ashamed...only pasticcio and salad,
but the lovely colours of the salad and the
colours of the English Ivy and the Hypericum Hidcote as table decoration
..made everything look a little more "sofisticated" :)))
it is good to have a lot of imagination! :)))

I specially loved the colour of the dry seeds from the Hypericum
against the rough pale beige napkin.
the napkin is a inheritance from my husbands grandmother.
the Hypericum is a gift from my mother-in-law.

hypericum hidcote

also the salt and pepper comes from grandma Reneè
I adore them :)
Nonna Reneè inheritance, sal & pepper

the idea of folding the runners in this way, I found here

den stora julboken

all together it doesn't look bad, does it? :))

 72nd tbs thursday

Winter salad with Horsemeat and Panch Puren dressing

winter salad with panch puren dressing
you need:

2 grapefruits
2 carrots
3 fennels
some leaves of fresh salad (this is a bitter one)
dry horsemeat*

for the dressing:

some green peppers
3 cloves
1 tsp panch puren
balsamico vinegar
extravergin olive oil
juice from one very juicy orange

wake up at six o'clock and make the dressing.
ok :) you can do that the evening before.

panch puren
put the spices in a mortel and crush.
mix orange juice, vinegar, oil and add the crushed spices.
let marinate in the fridge for a night.
wash, peel, cut, slice and grate the fennel and the carrots
peel and slice the grapefruits.
pour 3/4 of the dressing on the salad and let marinate in fridge until served.
beside pour the rest of the dressing on the dry horsemeat and let rest.
before serving, add the horsemeat in the middle of the salad.
*this kind of dry horsemeat is a speciality in this Region of Italy - Veneto.
of course, you can do as my almost 18year old doughter does...skip it! :)
don't forget to drop by at Susan's to see the other entries!
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