Sunday, 11 April 2010

WHB #228 - Orange, radicchio and sellery salad

weekend herbal blogging #228
this week we are hosted by
Thank's Kitty for hosting!
more information about the WHB here:
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo who now managing it all :)

I definitely think Spring is here!
These are some of the flowers growing in our garden..
iris japonica
looks very similar to
iris confusa
iris japonica

mahonia aquifolium
mahonia aquifolium in the sunset

kerria japonica pleniflora
kerria japonica pleniflora

kerria japonica golden guinea
kerria japonica golden guinea2

some kind of crataegus (I think)

clematis montana
clematis montana

 clematis montana
clematis montana1

red tulips

orange, radicchio and sellery salad

orange, radicchio, sellery

this is a very simple but tasty salad, 
and  it's colour it makes you happy.
that's good as antidepressive.
 the green sellery is diuretic.
the raisins gives it a sweet touch.
to contrast the bitterness(I adore)
of the red radicchio.
you need:
leaves of green sellery
for the vinaigrette:
extravergin olive oil
balsamico vinaigar
little mustard
a pinch of sugar.

but the raisins in a salad ball
peel and cut the oranges and mix together
cut the sellery leaves and the radicchio.
toss and mix the salad-
preparare the vinaigrette:
mixing all ingredients.
pour over the salad and put in the fridge for 20min
before serving.

I leave you with the photo of the sky this evening

have a nice week :)

evening sky 11 april 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

WHB #227 - Easter Bunnies

weekend herbal blogging #227
more information about the WHB here:
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo who now managing it all :)
and this week we are hosted by Haalo herself.
Happy Easter Haalo, Happy Easter to all
WHB bloggers :)

Not beeing in the mood to celebrating Easter this year,
the loss of my mother-in-law is still
grieving us so
we just had a brunch on the terrace, this morning
I tried to do it a little "sunnier" than usual
a little more joyful.
the weather this morning and also this evening is 
like my mood, greyishblue.
easter morning 3 april 2010
evening 3 april 2010
but the time we had brunch the sun came out and warmed
our skin and hearts.

Easter 2010

tomorrow is another day, hopefully warmer,
surely better.
I tought bringing flo (husband) and manfred
(father-in-law) on a picnic.

Easter Bunnies


this brilliant idea comes from Manu
and I do thank her so much!
I wasn't in the mood preparing any
Easter gifts I usually do, but these
bunnies was fun to do and to give

step by step here 

I used this recipe of  Fiorella's raisin buns

you need:

100ml of milk
80ml of water
170ml of vegetable oil( sunflower)
5gr of fresh yeast
170gr of sugar
3 eggs
peel of one lemon
a pinch of salt
125gr of raisins
550gr of flour

1 egg to brush

mix the liquid, with the yeast, half of the sugar
and all the flour. let raise for 4 hours in a warm place.

then add the eggs, the rest of the sugar, 
the grated lemon peel, the raisins and the pinch of salt.
work for 7-10min and then let raise in the oven (turned off :)
until the next day.
the next day, make buns or these bunnies.
brush with the battered egg and let raise for another 2 hours.
bake in 180° for 20-25min (dipending how big you made them)

I used cloves as eyes and spaghetti as mustaches.
these bunnies were very appreciated as Easter gifts :)

easter bunnies3

easterbunny in a flowering pot1

easter bunny family1
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