Monday, 31 May 2010

lentil salad, quick and easy - mlla 23

I adore legumes, so I couldn't miss this occasion to participate on Susan's  The well seasoned Cook event.

today I came back home very very late. monday is a beautiful day, beacause I'm non working and usually we do looooong trekking!
or as to day...a looong bike trip.
we went from Salionze (that's near Peschiera del Garda) to Mantova.
of course, those of you that go regulary in bike, will laugh..
but for me, it is a record!
oh yeah!!
I'm sooo proud of myself!


foto di gruppo - finalemente tutti!

so..what can be more quick and easy to prepare
when you are tired and satisfied..
than a ...

 lentil salad with prosciutto crudo (raw Italian ham)


you need:
leftover lentils*
grated carrots
small pieces of prosciutto crudo (or other ham)
some rosemary needles

fresh juice from one orange
extravergin olive oil
salt and peppe

just mix the ingredients, and season with the dressing.
serve lukewarm or cold it is very tasty in both ways.

you can cook the lentils with orange peel, that gives it a extra nice flavor.
or try with some aromatic herbs, like rosemary, salvia or majoran

Sunday, 30 May 2010

WHB # 235 - pickled talli (onion sprouts)

This week's WHB is hosted by  Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once
thank's haalo for hosting and all other things you do for us.

more information about the WHB here:
thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

May is almost to the end, it has been a good month
sun wormth and a lots of turists.
that means..WORK! :))
of course beeing on the run all the time
means less time at home-
as a matter a you notice.
windows to be clean, tons of things to iron,
full of weeds in the garden (grrrrrr)
dried flowers to be cut..
ok ok..nothing new..I'm sure you all know everything about it!
every friday I go to my favourite supermarket
where Luciana prepares cases of vegetables and fruits
for me.
she knows my very well, so there is no need to order.
from time to time, I find new vegetables I don't
like last friday..
I found this strange things in my cases
2,8kg of them!

talli freschi
first i tried them raw..not bad..tasted like a mix of onion and garlic. in a sallad it was not bad at all.
then I tried to wok them...mmmmmm tasty! but then...there was so much I really didn't know what to do.
fortunately I have a very dear friend...Alda..and she knew what they where, and what to do with them!
conserve them und good extravergine olive oil!

Pickled Talli (onion sprouts)

talli sott'olio
you need:
onion sprouts (they are like long small tiny leek, crunchy as a leek, tasts like garlic)
white vine vinegar
white vine
extravergin olive oil

for 1 kg of talli (onion sprouts), 1/2 liter of white vine and 1 liter of white vine vinegar.
cut the talli in pieces  and put them in the pot with the mixture.
when it is boiling, let cook for 5-6min, they should remain crunchy.
let dry on a cloth over the night and the next day put in clean glasses and fill with the olive oil.
now and then give a hit on the bench to get out the air (not to hard, to break the glass)
close the lide and store in a dark, fresh and cool place.
will conserve for 6months.

they are delicious!!!

it is not so easy to explain exactly what this vegetable is.
.it isn't even known in the rest of Italy.
it is the new  part if the onion, on the top
you can see a round thing, this is the onion flower
this "talli" are picked before blooming.


and this is the charming little place called Albisano, 
which have a beautiful view of the Garda Lake.
I'm particpating in a photo contest, and this is one of my photos in race.
cross you fingers for me :)

albisano b&w

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pink Saturday . - pink sunset

I couldn't miss the second anniversary of Pink Saturday!
check out the other participants!

for my weekly challange, I choose Key Allen Design and her blog post "special Blooms"
it is thank's too her I found Pink Saturday!

this is a pink sunset on the most charming lake in Italy
the Garda Lake.
this is the view from my home, my garden.


rosa chiaretto :) 16 may 2010

rosa chiaretto :) 16 may 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010

WHB # 234 - Aspargus sallad with ginger dressing

oh this is nice...this week we are hosted by my dear friend Astrid,
from Pulchen's foodblog
thank you Astrid for hosting and Happy Pfingst Sontag today! 

more information about the WHB here:
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo who now managing it all :)

the other evening I found myself aaaaall alone!
that is very unusual, usually we are between 6-8 at dinner
lunch is quicker with less people.
some are working,
some is not coming back from school
some is trekking :))

I was thinking:
so now what do I do?
eat a sandwich nera the kitchen sink?
heat up some leftovers?
eat some cereals and milk?
tea and cookies?
no no no no : )
why not spoil myself a little?
so I did.
with the table set just for one (looks a little miserable I admit)
putted in the middle of the terrace in front of the lake.

insalata di asparagi allo zenzero
1 glass of Bardolino Chiaretto (rosè wine)

asparagus salad with ginger dressing!

insalata di asparagi allo zenzero

 you need:
3 white asparagus
2 small boild potatoes
1/4 of an apple
1/4 of a radicchio (or other salad)
a piece of fresh ginger

for the dressing:
extravergin olive oil
juice and zests of a lemon
a piece of fresh ginger
2-3 tsp of the aspargus boild water
some fresh chives if you like
a lots of new grated pepper!

prepare the dressing:
grate the peeled ginger and mix with olive oil,lemon juice and lemon zests.
adjust the taste by adding ginger or/and lemonjuice.
the water gives it a lesser acid taste and makes it more fluid.
add the pepper and the chives
let marinate in the fridge (even better made the day before)

peel and clean the asparagus
cover with water, add the peeled ginger and let
softly cook for 5-6 min (they should remain crunchy, 
the cooking time depends
on their thickness)
let cool in the water.

cut the radiccchio and put in a plate
add the peeled and cubed potatoes
add the apple (with skin) cut in very tiny slices
add the asparagus cut in slices
season with the dressing.

enjoy! :))

dinner for one

chiesa s. antonio a biaza

and this is the little church of San Antonio Abate in Biaza.
isn't it lovely, with the blue of the Garda lake as backround?

Friday, 21 May 2010

leftover ricecake- Foodie Friday

yeap! this friday I'm in a good mood! that is beacuse:
1) the sun is shining and it is hoooot!
2) my friend Simoo is back from Madrid, I really missed here!
3)tomorrow I'll try a path going up on Monte Baldo, it is finaly without snow!
4) I made a very nice lunch with leftovers!!

I think this is enough to make one happy :))
the recipe is from my friend Manu, and it is so simply
(yes, I know, I know..98% of the recipes posted are soo simple :)))

check it out!

leftover ricecake

leftover rice cake1

you need:
ca 200gr of boild rice (mine was an risotto with peas, but you can use what you have)
200gr of cheese (grated)
ham or (as in my case) slices of smoked turkey
2 eggs
grated parmigiano or grana or other cheese

seperate the yolk and the clair. beat the clair till stiff.

mix the yolks with the rice, 3/4 of the cheeses and 3/4 of the ham/turkey slices
add the clairs very delicately.
now, butter a mold or line it with baking paper.
put half of the rice compound on the bottom, 
put slices of ham/turkey and the rest of the cheeses
cover with the rest of the rice mould and sprinkle with the grated parmigiano/grana.
bake in oven: 190°C for 30min.
wait until it is cooled before cut it in slices. serve with a fresh sallad

leftover rice cake3


perhaps a nice laid table makes this dish even tastier ;)

cocktail and red fennel((Foeniculum rubrum)

cocktail and red fennel((Foeniculum rubrum)

have a nice week end..
and don't forget to check out all the other tablescapers!

baia di garda - san vigilio

Sunday, 16 May 2010

WHB # 233 - vegetarian loaf :)

weekend herbal blogging #228
this week we are hosted by
     Marija from Palachinka
thank's Marija for hosting! :)

more information about the WHB here:
Kalyn created this great event and
Haalo who now managing it all :)

This has been a rather busy week, a lot of groups and also single guiding.
I'm very happy but also very very tired.
I wanted to do something special for dinner, but I had little strength...
so this evenig....vegetarian! :))

Vegetarian loaf 

polpettone vegetariano - vegetarian loaf

you need:
(for two small loafs)
120gr of bread
60-70ml milk
1 egg
2 carrots
1 onion or a piece of leek
1/2 green pepper bell (or 1 whole red or yellow one)
2 small zucchinis

cut the bread in small pieces and let swell in the milk.
in the mean time put all the vegetables (cleaned, peeled and cut in pieces) in 
blender. mince.
add the squeezed bread and mix.
add the egg, and the spieces.
mix until smooth.
moisten two pieces of bakeing paper, squeeze out all water
lay flat and put the vegetables on it.
close forming a loaf. (two loafs)
put the loafs in two small moulds.
bake in oven:
30-35min 200° C

let cool completely before cutting in pieces.
it can be served warm, lukewarm or cold.


if the mixture is to wet you can add some other 
minced bread or crushed crackers, to make it

this evening it was sooo nice.
we ate outside, 
candles and busy lizzies

looking at the pink wonder we 
had in front of us.

rosa chiaretto :) 16 may 2010

rosa chiaretto :) 16 may 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

90th tablescape thursday - vegetable and flowers - Durumwheat bread

well, there are some things that makes me particulary pleased.
one is of course, studying maps and searching new walking routes..
but there is something else that makes me even more happy.

when a cutting roots! :)))
in these case...finally after several years of trying a cutting of  lemon verbena 
have rooted!
talea lippia citriodora2

here it is together with Houttuynia cordata "Chamaeleon"  
(try this little plant, if you are lucky it will invade your garden with it's small colourful leaves!)
(another very very pleasant and satisfactory plant.)

so...after 10days of steady rain, today..some sun came out!
I took the chance to set the table outside.
I didn't have much time (and lookin up into the sky I hurry anyway :))
so I made very simple.
I cut some long branches of my Rosa Banksiae Alba Plena,
a very very hardy rose, perfumed and without thorns and branches
of Robinia Pseudoacacia.
but it looked so lonley on the old to cheer up..
I put some radicchio salad together. is not very fashionable but it made my husband and Sofia (doughter n°4) smile :))

radicchio and banksiae alba plena


radicchio and banksiae alba plena

table decoration
radicchio and banksiae alba plena

radicchio and banksiae alba plena

radicchio and banksiae alba plena

radicchio and banksiae alba plena

hardware and glasses from IKEA
napkins and jug: inheritance
tablecloth: COIN - Verona (italy)

durumwheat bread
very easy, very healthy

durum wheat bread2

you need:
850gr of water
5gr of fresh yeast
1,200- 1,400kg of durumwheat flour

let the yeast melt in the water, by whisking
ad the flour until you have a sticky dough.
add the salt and work for other 5min.
let raise for at least 16-18hours in a cool place covered with a plastic foil.
then spill the dough out on a table, covered with some durumwheat flour.
just fold the angles to the middle, then turn the dough upside down and dow the same
(folde the angles to the middle)
take the dough and put on a baking try (covered with baking paper o with oil)
bake in oven: 230° for ca 20min then lower to 190° and let bake for another 45min.
(no need to preheat the oven.

durum wheat bread1

try it it is delicious!!! :))

it was good I hurried up..look at the sky later this day..

evening gloom 12 may 2010

don't forget to drop by at susan's to see the other tablescapers!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

89th Tablscape Thursday - Yogurt and cheese sauce

hard working days and pc not working at all, makes me almost forget about this blog!
that is a pity, beacuse blogging is so relaxing, and zapping through your blogs are so interesting and stimulating.
but, the season is finally getting started,that means I'm on the run all the time and when I'm not guiding the garden takes a lot of my attention..
well, then we have the family, the housekeeping....heeeeelp!! :)))

to day it all started with a package og tortellini with mushrooms.
this morning when the rain finally stopped I started to work in the garden, planting the bulbs/tubers I have bought two weeks ago (alchemilla mollis, crocosmia
and ranunculus)
you how it is..when you have fun time just runs off!
so when lunch time came, I didn't have any ideas what to do. jsut wanted to hurry up and get back in the garden.
then I felt sorry for sofia (doughter n°3) so I said ok...let's do some pretty tablescape then!
this is what came out.

it si nothing particular or expensive, the only thing of value are the napkins
inheritage of my husbands grandmother.
everything else comes from IKEA: :)
English Ivy and Daisies made the rest.

daisy & english ivy



Yogurt and cheese sauce with fresh herbs and orange

you need:

125gr of white yogurt (naturell)
125gr of soft cheese (f.ex philadelphia)
1 fresh sage leaf
a small bunch of chives
some fresh leaves of mentha
peel of one orange and 2-3 tsps of fresh orange juice

whisk the yogurt and the cheese, add the fresh herbs cut or chopped.
add the peel and the juice of the orange.
season with fresh pepper from the mill and salt if you use it.

yougurt and cheese sauce1

it is very very tasty together with some simple mushroom tortellini,
or as a dressing on a fresh salad.
it's even good on crackers :)

tortellini ai funghi con salsina allo yogurt e formaggio

the view of our charming lake this afternoon. :)

lake 6 may 2010
don't forget to drop by at Susan's to see all the other tablescapers.
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