Monday, 28 June 2010

bread cake . In memory of Rosie

When I first read about Rosie I couldn't believe it. 
I still have some difficulties to comprehend.

it was logical, natural, obvious that I wanted to participate on Rosie's Memorial Day,
organized by my dear friend Ivy at

Here in this Beautiful Post
Ivy  tells you about Rosie, her illness and why we do this together.
Maria's writs this touching Post
 giving us the sad news about her dear friend that has passed away.

It hurts.

Rosie,e was among the first non Italian blogger I known.
She, Susan at Wild Yeast and  Zorra at 1x umrühren bitte

actually I never managed to learn name of her blog " Baking Cakes Galore"
for me she was, will always be

I loved that name of her blog.
and she was my very very first host of an event.

I was so nervous, I sent her 4 recipes
I was blogging since 5months so everything was so new, almost complicated.
Rosie was so sweet, she emailed me and together we decided which recipe to put.
since then now and then I stopped by at here blog, smiling over all those sweet things
she baked.

she was a lovely person. will miss you Rosie.

Since my daughter Helena was found allergic to white sugar, 
yeast and lots of other ingredients,
5 years ago.
I had to change completely my baking cakes.

this is one of our favorites recipe.
you regain old bread, it is healty and also very energy giving.
perfect at breakfast or at a break in the afternoon after study or doing sports.
I take it with me on my trekking, 
together with some tea and beautiful panoramas
makes the fatigue worth it.

the recipe is from a dear friend, Laura met at one of the old town festivals in this area.
I adore these festivals, you get to know the inhabitants and you can learn so much from them,
specially the old people. they can tell you stories about the villages, the mountain and their lives.
I love listening to them.

Bread cake

torta di pane 1 -bread cake

you need:

250gr of old bread
mine is usually
400gr of milk
3 apples (peeled and cut in cubes)
100gr of raisins
50gr of crushed nuts
50gr of crushed almonds
50grgr of cane sugar (you can also do without)
7gr of cremor tartar

tear the bread in pieces and pour the milk over.
let rest over the night.
the next day you will find it swelled 
mix the bread with the rest of the ingredients
then put the mass in a mould, if you want you grease it with 
two drops of vegetable oil or better
put a baking paper under.
bake in oven: 200°C for 35min
if you like a crunchy crust 
sprinkle can sugar over the cake before
baking it.

torta di pane  - bread cake

Sunday, 27 June 2010

whb #239 - Cherry stone liquor

welcome to this week's herbal bloggging
this week we are hosted by Chris from Mele Cotte

thank's Chris for hosting!


thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

WHB Rules
Who's Hosting?

I hate wasting food, and when I saw
all that good cherries attached to the stones
after doing chilos of jam

noccioli di ciliegie

I thought it was such a pity throwing away
sooo, I made a liquor!

Cherry Stone Liquor

liquore alle ciliegie1

you need:

450gr di cherry stones
500gr di spirit at 95°*

for the syrup:
300gr of sugar
800ml of water

pute the cherry stones in a jar and fill with the spirit

leave in the sun for 10days.
prepare the syrup:
boil the sugar in the water for 10-15min 
until it melts completely
pour the boiling syrup over the cherry stones**
let cool till the day after.
filter very carefully 2-3 times.
use paper filter,
that takes longer but is more accurate
let rest for at least 1 months.
but is a fact, the longer the liquor 
leaves to rest, the better it get
(and less alcoholic!)
conserve in a dark, cool an dry place

liquore alle ciliegie

* if you can't find 95° spirit
you can also use the one
for desserts at 70°
get's even better!
I don't use it because it is rather
difficult to find around here.
I usually recommend NOT to pour boiling syrup
over the marinates.
that is because the boiling syrup
makes your liquor cloudy.
in this case I needed the cherry flesh to 
separate from the stones.

I wish you a nice week

this is me today
I took my men to lunch in a Trattoria
near Monte Baldo
they were all afraid they'd  had to
walk a lot, but when they saw me
arriving in SANDALS they were all happy

a ferrara in sandali!

and these are my men
Erik (son n°1) and Flo on the left
Manfred (father-in-law) and Niki (son n°2) on the right

my men

and this was some of the surroundings, 
it was very nice weather, but dizzy.

verso cerbiolo

vaio dell'orsa

Saturday, 26 June 2010

pink Saturday -some old memories in pink

I've been blessed with 4 children.
two boys, now 25 and 23 years
and two daughters 21 and 18 years.

Helena and Sofia

when the girls were small, specially with Helena, the first one,
I loved to dress them in pink.
of course I made Princess dresses all the time,
this is one of the latter I kept.

vestito da principessa - old princess dress

well, probably you all did.
what was also fun was preparing their birthdays
blue for the boys and pink for the girls
I have burned two hard discs so I have not many photos to show.
but I found two
this is Sofia's 15th birthday "cake" - 15 small glasses of chocolate mousse
pink table cloth (it is a bed sheet, schhhh)
pink paper napkins
pink tulips and primulas (she is born in February)


and this is her 18th birthday this year.
18 coffee cups with her favorite chocolate mousse
pink tablecloth
pink paper napkins
pink paper and real roses
the photos are horrible, but it was really sweet

sofi 4.2

this is Helena and Sofia making fun of them selves, trying vintage dresses their grand-grandmother
given them.
girls mix

and this is Sofia and me.

lunedì 133

and this has nothing to do with old memories, this is the new number of Country Living of July
that my husband has brought me back from Roskilde (Denmark) where he was yesterday.
look, it is pink!!

country living in pink ;)

Happy Pink Saturday to everybody!
stop by at Beverly's to say hello and check out other pink saturday bloggers.


like nicki at an american in berlin
she's very young, but have a very very nice blog! (and two darling cats!!)

birgitta she is from Skåne (Sweden) like me!!
yupeee!!! (makes incredible photos! wow!)

Friday, 25 June 2010

rice, raw sage marinated vegetables and tasty bread crumbs

  we are a big family, 4 kids, husband and father in law.
daughter n°4 is vegetarian
daughter n°3 is allergic to so many things I can't remember
son n° 2 can eat whatever not putting on weight
son n°1 is the complete opposite, can't even see food without increasing
hubby is a big pasta lover (well, he loves any FOOD)
my father in law doesn't eat fish

sometimes I get hysterical in the kitchen! :)))

so, this is one of those dishes that suites everybody.
vegetarian, healthy, tasty and a stomach filler without being caloric.
wow! 1 dish for all the family!
and, the best thing you use leftovers! 
no food waste, no bad conscious.

Rice with raw sage marinated vegetables 
and tasty bread crumbs

rice, vegetables and herb breadcrumbs - riso, verdure e pangrattato alle erbe

you need:

leftover boiled rice (possible steamed)
onion or leek
red bell pepper
(blender old bread, parmigiano cheese and parsley)
fresh sage
extra virgin olive oil
fresh crushed green pepper (or black)

cut the vegetables in small pieces, especially the zucchinis
 cut the sage in tiny slices and mix with some olive oil.
add the vegetables and mix well. let marinate for some hours
(perfect if you leave in the fridge during the night)

mix the marinated vegetables with the rice,
 and add the cheese cubes 
 spread the bread crumbs over.
toss and mix with your hands. 
if you like you can add some drops of olive oil.
before serving, season with a generous crush of green pepper.

rice, vegetable and herb breadcrumbs - riso, verdure e pangrattato alle erbe


in blending the bread crumbs you can add tasty cheese, 
parsley or other herbs you like.
some garlic and/or chili.
put your bread crumbs in a glass jar and store in the freezer. 
will conserve for at least 6 months.
to have a stronger taste you can toast them
in a pan with no grease
(pay attention that it doesn't get to
dark and bitter)

this evening I made fish for Helena (daughter n°3) and me
for my father in law I made a rich potato salad.
for the three of us, this magical sunset.

sunset 25 june 2010

Thursday, 24 June 2010

96th Tablescape Thursday - Shopping bags on the table? why not!

valfredda - passo del Camin 17 june 2010
Garda Lake from Costabella

I'm terrible late, but today just run away and in a wink it was evening!
This morning I did that's fun!! (I'm kidding of course)
This afternoon me and my two dear friends Simoo and Monica went up on Mount Baldo,
trying to reach Telegrafo from Valfredda for the second time in 4 days.

valfredda - passo del Camin 17 june 2010

(usually we walk up from Vallone Osanna that is some 6km in 1000mt in
 height difference, but we wanted to try 
from Valfredda less height difference, but a longer walk)

valfredda - passo del Camin 17 june 2010

nothing to do! it is sunny down here, temp 23°C perfect! 
 up there the wind was cold, but that is not a problem,
 the air was brisk, but that is not a problem
there where nobody around, and that is absolutely not a problem
it was very very foggy..and that is a big problem!


valfredda - passo del Camin 17 june 2010

we have to try hay again, probably saturday.
Tomorrow I have 10kg of apricots to transform in jam! :))

Shoppingbags on the table? why not!

this is not my idea, I found it in a book of mine.
"Fun tablescaping"
in the book the used white paper bags from "PRADA" and "GUCCI"
but me not having such luxury bags, used one I found at home.
anyway this brown paper bag, didn't look too bad with my white and light yellow
Lonicera and tender apricot coloured Sally Holmes rose! :)))

 I admit it wasn't very practical, having a paper bag under the plate
I did cut what I could from the boarders, but not too much,
 as the bag was white inside and had white edges.
(that's probably why they used white bags in the first place. silly me!! :))))

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

but I just adore the bag handle twisted around the napkin!

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

brown simply pots for my lush centerpiece

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

napkins inheritance from Grandmother Reneè, my hubby's beloved Grandmother.
I love them!

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

a close up of our wild Lonicera

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

this is our Sally Holmes rose, very strong and fast growing

Tablescape for fun  Lonicera& Sally Holmes

Plates, Otello - Verona
pots, IKEA - Brescia
flatware, Affi 
napkins, inheritance
bags, Sportland, Affi (verona)
salt & pepper, inheritance  

please stop by at Susan's admiring the other tablescapers.
happy tablescaping!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Centerpiece Wednesday - Lavender & Oleander

It has been raining for 2 days and the rain pouring down
 has destroyed almost al flowers in the garden.
I wanted to do a tablescape in yellow with the flowers of my Santolina
but they are all become ugly and unusable. 
well, I will have to wait until next year :)

Fortunately the lavender is much more water resistant
 and the oleander had a lot of buds,
 so I found some to use for this weeks Centerpiece Wednesday!

Centerpiece Wednesday - 
Lilac Lavender and White Oleander

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

I used a white terrine from a set my mother gave me, to place the flowers.
remember that the oleander is very poisonous so wash your hands very carefully after
managing the flowers and the leaves.
that goes for the terrine as well, high heat in the dishwasher!

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

the tablecloth comes from Coin - Verona and is old. the colours are faded after all
the washing during the years.
the green napkins comes from my hubby's grandmother, Reneèe
when she unfortunately passed away 2 years ago, I inherited all her dinnerware and all household linen. She had some many beautiful things, from these "country" napkins to very fine
small linen and lace napkins.
the blue plates are a clearance sale at IKEA.
also the flatware is a clearance sale in a shop that closed down.
glasses Svalka from IKEA.

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

centerpiece wednesday - Lavender &oleander

don't forget to stop by at karin's to see what she managed to do,
 with an old fire station!!!
and to visit all other wednesday bloggers!!
have fun!
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