Saturday, 31 July 2010

Raspberry Vinegar - some pink in a bottle

welcome to Beverly's Pink Saturday
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be happy, be pink :)

I send this recipe also to this week's herbal blogging
hosted by Laurie from

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

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our youngest daughter Sofia
has a big feeling with animals, 
we  say she got that from
Grand Grand Ma Renèe
who spent her last 30years
feeding the cats on the Graveyard in Villach (asutria)
were she lived.
this is Grand Grand Ma Renèe in 1939

nonna reneè

this is Sofi sleeping with one of our 8 cats, Ikea.
or it is the other way around? if you want to know where Ikea is, look for Sofia
Ikea will surely be near
aren't they cute :)
sofi ed ikea
 and here she is with one of the new kittens, it could be Pablo Picasso
or is it Sancho Panza, I can never can  tell..they are identical. : DD

sofi e pablo

and here is Sofia with a big sister Helena, trying old dresses their Grand Ma Iris given them.

girls mix
this is a very simple recipe, if you can't find raspberries try with blackberries
it is very nice on a fruitsalad or with a vanilla ice-cream
try it in a mixed salad together with a delicate olive oil, like the one from Lake Garda.
isn't the colour inviting?

you need:
500gr of raspberries
1 liter of apple vinegar or white wine vinegar (max 6% of acidity)

raspberry vinegar1

put the raspberries in th vinegar, 
cover with a cloth and let marinate for at least two days.
pour all in a pot and heat up, when it is cooking, 
take off the heat and let cool completely.
filter carefully, 
and pour in small nice looking bottles.
mine are empty Schweppes Tonica bottles
 store in a cool, dark and dry place for
at least one month before serving.
it could be a very nice Christmas gift or not?

raspberry vinegar2

I can't leave you without letting you admire the view of our beautiful lake

in the morning
bardolino 24 July 2010

and after the rain
rainbow 27 July 2010

have a nice week end

Thursday, 29 July 2010

101th Tablescape Thursday - Rudbeckia & weed

I'm particulary happy this week.
I have my parents on visit!
they still live in Sweden but it is some time we are trying to find something here,
to make them move nearer.
living together in 8-9 persons is not very easy, 
my parents are not used to have so many people around and sometimes,
 I can see my father looking lost.
my mother doesn't bother, more people we are happier she is..she loves to cook! :)
and here she has big satisfaction cooking, everybody eats a lot! :))

in this season of the year my Rudbeckias (black eyed Susan) is in full bloom,
I adore them and I'm happy to have a full boarder to cut armful of them if I wish.
I made a centerpiece with some Rudbeckia and some weed growing were it should not!
doesn't look to bad together. :D

the pot is from an Ikea season sale, it was white, but I colored it yellow/orange.
the tablecloth comes from a hard discount and was on season sale too, 5 eu!
plates season sale from Ikea (0,49 cents each)
white paper napkins Ikea
blue jug Ikea
flatware season sale years ago in a shop that closed down
glasses Pokal from Ikea
salt & pepper also comes from Ikea

coreopsis & weed 6

coreopsis & weed 5

Rudbeckia (black eyed susan) & weed

coreopsis & weed 1

coreopsis & weed 4

today is has rained all day, giving us such amazing views of the lake.

monte guglielmo nelle nuvole 29 july 2010

lights and clouds 29 july 2010

night 29 July 2010

this is for Susan's   Tablescape Thursday
be sure you stop by here to see the other tablescapers.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tablescape - Villeroy & Boch

wow, I'm so happy I made it!

welcome to Susan's 100th Tablecscape Thursday!
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welcome to Beverly's weekly Pink Saturday
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Pink Saturday participants

Today I will show you some of my beautiful China Villeroy & Boch - Nan King
I have inherit all the service from Grandma Reneè, she was my beloved mother-in-law's mother.
Unfortunately in the last three years we have lost Iris (my mother-in-law), Reneè (her mother)and Eva (her aunt)
I missed them so much, specially Iris, she was a very very special person.
I have big difficulty using the china, I'm afraid to break something and every time a
touch those plates, my eyes fills with tears.
but, today is a special day for Susan, so I whipped my eyes and decided to make a coffee
using some of those beautiful things.

all the china is from Reneè, like the linen napkins
the silver ware is from Aunt Eva
I used a saucer to arrange the flowers

tablecloth: Ines from Ikea

happy 100th Tablescape Thursday!!
happy Pink Saturday!!



coffee cup

flowers in the mirror

Euphorbia hybrida & Hydrangea Macrophylla "domotoi" & begonia Coccinea

Euphorbia Hybrida  "Diamond Frost"

Hydrangea macrophylla

silver ware from Aunt Eva

coffee cup , silver ware

sugar and milk

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sliced veal with tuna sauce

I'm been away for a couple of days, trekking with my friends in the Dolomites.
we hade a lot of fun, made tons of kilometers and talked our throats soar :DDDD
for me it was even more special than for the other 4, finally I saw with my one eyes
the wonders I only read and heard about until now.
this is me with my friends in front of one of the chains the Latemar

con latemar sullo sfondo

this is one the paths we did

sentiero in cresta - pala di santa

luciana e dani in cresta

I do hope we can go back soon, do more trekking, discovering more wonders! :DDD

today I looked at my ortensia fading in the sun, it is getting more grayish pink every day.
I thought I should honor it by using it's last flowers for a centerpiece
to cheer up a simple meal

Faded Ortensia & Fresh green leaves of Jasminus Primulinum 
(Japanese Jasmine, Primrose Jasmine)

faded ortensia

faded ortensia

faded ortensia

faded ortensia

faded ortensia

Sliced veal with tuna sauce

vitello tonnato

this is so typical Italian. Perfect for a hot summer day, cool and refreshing
together with a crispy salad you dinner is made.
the recipe comes from my dear friend Monica and her mother-in-law

1,5kg of veal in one piece
salvia, rosemary, pepper and juniper grains,
a piece of sellery
1 onion

for the sauce
250gr of mayonese
400gr of light yogurt
2 small pickled cucumbers
180gr of canned tuna
4-5 tbsp of capers
(this can vary depending what you like more or less)

put the spices and the vegetables in a big pot together with the veal
to keep it in shape, tie it up like a salami)
cover with water (or mix white vine and water, for more tasty version)
cook for 90min.
(if you use the pressure cooker: 40min)

let cool in the water. take it out and let cool(in the fridge) until the next day.
put all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.
let rest in the fridge (covered) until the next day.
the next day slice it in very tiny slices and serve with the sauce.

vitello tonnato

Sunday, 18 July 2010

wHB #242 - Lemonade with rosemary

this week's herbal blogging is hosted by Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook
thank you Susan for hosting!!

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

this recipe is perfect for these hot days
we have had for the past two weeks
I think we have touched over 40°C (104°F)
or at least it felt so :)

the recipe comes from our forum
and was posted by my dear Friend Alessandra

Lemonade with rosemary

limonate with rosemary - limonata con rosmarino

you need:

1 liter of water
200gr of sugar*
1 lemon in slices
12 tbsp of fresh lemon juice (that is about 3 big juicy lemons)
1 little sprig of Rosemary

limonate with rosemary - limonata con rosmarino

cut the lemon in slices and put them on a little tray that you put in the freezer.
put the water, together with the sugar, the Rosemary and 3 tbsp in a pot and cook for 6-7min.
let cool completely, add the rest of the juice, mix and then filter.
filter in a bottle and let cool in the fridge.
serve with the frozen lemon slices.
aaaaaaaaaah!! :)

limonate with rosemary - limonata con rosmarino


* for me it is absolutely to much sugar, I added 80gr :)

yesterday we had some thunderstorm, it cleaned up the air and tomorrow our beautiful lake was
lovelier than ever :)

verde e blu 18 July 2010

lago 18 July 2010

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Pink Saturday - some pink in the sky

today...I will not add anything

the photos speaks for themselves.
Beverly..even the sky colors in pink for you!

Happy Pink (hot) Saturday to all!!

sunset 13 July 2010

sunset 13 July 2010

sunset 13 July 2010

sunset 13 July 2010

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