Sunday, 29 August 2010

wHB #248 - peach chutney with ginger and fresh chili

I'm being very lazy lately, in the kitchen that is :))) outside it is very different,
trekking or biking mostly of the time.
fortunately it is still August and I'm more or less on "holiday".
this will end tomorrow, when I start guiding again. will be a very tough month :)
the rest of the family is working/studying and are rarely home at lunch..

being lazy in the kitchen means you have to engage your self somewhere else...
I do tablescaping!
so, when the table is set pretty and nice,
 the food can be less sophisticated,
 even the same dish served twice in a raw
 tastes different when the tablescape is different.

this was breakfast this morning

breakfast 29 august 2010

dinner yesterday evening

tablescape for flo & me

lunch for 5

Tablescape in Blue & Orange

dinner alone the other night
dinner alone1

dinner with one of my sons niki, just the two of us

niki & me 1

this recipe I found in my dear friend Genny's blog

as I adore chutneys I absolutely had to try.
I used a different variety of peach (prunus persica) called Percoca
they are yellow hard and they are not downey, 
they are not that good to eat fresh,
 but perfect to make jams, juices and creams. 
I didn't put the red bell pepper
 as the original recipe and used fresh chili instead of dried ones.

Peach chutney with ginger and fresh chili

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

you need:

2kg of peaches or percoche
4 fresh chilis (if they are big as mine in the photo)
1 tsp mustard seed
2 green cardamon seeds
10cm of ginger (I love ginger!)
juice of 2 lemons
340gr of sugar
2 small cinnamon sticks

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

in a big pan put all the seeds (mustard, cardamon) and let toast for a couple of minutes (not to much,
 the mustard begin popping up and out 
and the cardamon gets a bitter taste)
add the rest of the ingredients and let take a boil. 
cook gently for 25min then put away in a cool place till net day. 
(don't leave the chutney in the pan, 
put in a glass or plastic bowl over the night)
the next day, finish cooking aprox an other 30min.
remove the ginger and the cinnamon.
pour in clean sterilized jars, close the lid tight and let cool up side down-
let rest in a cool, dark and dry place for at least 15 days perfore serving
(it is hard, I know I know :DDDD)

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

very nice with chicken, ham and cheese.

I wish you a nice week with this evening's sunset

isola di san biagio - rocca di manerba 29 august 2010

this recipe goes to my dear friend Astrid from 
who kindly is hosting this week's herbal blogging.
thank you for hosting Astrid! 

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

wHB #247 -Röstadricka - Lemon Barley drink

I found this recipe in one of my old swedish cookbooks
what intrigued me was the use of Barley.
why use barley? and what taste could possibly barley add?
I made some zapping on the web and I found out
that this Barley water was an ancient home remedy,
 that was supposed to clear up the complexion
 and stop the formation of wrinkles.
and more:
Lemon Barley water is an old fashioned tonic 
that was given to the weak as an alternative 
source of nourishment.

I had to try!!

Röstadricka - Lemon Barley Drink

röstadricka - lemon barley water3

you need:
2 1/2 - 3 lemons
2 1/2 L water
1 - 1/2 dl sugar (almost 3/4 of a cup)
0,75gr of Barley corn 

wash the Barley under running cold water,
until the water is clear.

röstadricka - lemon barley water2

boil the water
add the sugar, peel and juice of the lemons
add the Barley and stir.
let cool completely and then filter.

serve cold.
it conserves in the fridge for 3-4 days.
but it is best fresh made.

it is good!!!!

röstadricka - lemon barley water1


if you want it sparkling
exchange the Barley with the
same quantity of grains.
leave the filtered juice two days in a cool place
(not the fridge)
and you will find it sparkling
will conserve in the fridge for an other 2 days.

the weather is so unpredictable on our
charming lake..
it is raining, storming and now hot again.
dark clouds from north 15 august 2010

it is truly beautiful!
spots of light 15 august 2010

ferragosto  2010

I send this to Marija from Palachinka 
hosting this week's herbal blogging.
thank you Marija for hosting!!

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Pink Saturday - some pink as decoration

it has been a very busy week, an important birthday, 
trekking programs for September to finish and a lot of garden work.
time run away very quickly and so it is Saturday again..
and we are hosted by Beverly and her
inspiring Pink Saturday!
Dont' forget to check out the other pink saturday bloggers! :D

to light up a brown tablescape, why not
use Pink Oleander Flowers?
use a low, large brown plate
fill with Pink Oleander flowers
put very very close, they should try
to bulk out of the container :)
surround the flowers with foliage of
Oxalis Articulata, they are almost
heartshaped with a redish center.
looks so good together don't you think?

pink oleander & oxalis articulata

pink oleander & oxalis articulata

Happy Birthday dear Simooo :)

happy birthday simoooo


gold 17 august 2010

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Pink Saturday - some pink in a glass - Angostura Tonic

this morning the weather finally is perfect!
so, we put on our walking boots and take are walking sticks and are leaving!!
this morning we are going on Mount Baldo!

so I leave you admiring the beautiful view of our charming lake, the Garda lake!

sipping on a ice cold Angostura Tonic,
tonic water and some drops of Angostura.

schweppes con angostura

have a happy Pink Saturday, and please remember to sot by at Beverly's to
check out the other pink saturday bloggers!

verso lazise 14 august 2010

verso san vigilio 14 august 2010

Thursday, 12 August 2010

103th tablescape Thursday - Busy Lizzy & Dwarf Plumbago- White and Blue Tablescape

today I it is raining and the sky is full of bunchy big white-greyish clouds. it is so beautiful, and it inspired me to this tablesetting :)

bardolino 12 august 2010

san vigilio 12 august 2010

since I know Susan and you all, I look around me with new eyes and I'm trying to see and use the same things but in different ways.

you are all soo inspiring!
 I'm not that good as a cook, so sometimes when the food is not exciting I try to focus on the tablesetting.
sometimes it helps a lot! :)))

White Busy Lizzy and Blue Cerastostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Runner, dinnerware, glasses, white coasters and metalpot: IKEA
flatware: old sale
napkins, salt and pepper: inheritance

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

Busy Lizzy & Cerstostigma (dwarf plumbago)

and lit by candles in the night it is nice too.

Busy lizzy & dwarf plumbago in the evening

remember to stop by at Susan's to see all other 

Sunday, 8 August 2010

WHB #243 - Marinated cheese

I had some friends coming over some Sundays ago. 
we were in 29, and everybody brought something.
the great thing was that people came from all over Italy, 
so we had a lot of Regional specialities.


 one of them Albiii brought a marinated Czech cheese, called Hèrmlìn. 
it was fantastic!!
here is the recipe Albii put on our forum, 
he used Hérmelín, brand  "Král Sýrů",, and here I found it in English
unfortunately we can not find the same kind here,
 but I tried it with two other sorts.
one is a Tomino and the other a kind of Brie.
the first one is typical from Piemonte and the other is French.
both serves well the purpose.

Marinated Cheese

marinated cheese2

you need:

cheese like Camenbert, Brie or Tomino (or something similar)
sunflower oil*
garlic (I didn't used it)
pepper grains
juniper grains
fresh leaves of salvia
fresch chili in slices

cut the cheese in half, put roughly smashed juniper and pepper grains, together with sliced chili and fresh salvia leaves in the middle. close the cheese and cover with oil.
let marinate in the fridge for at least two days before serving**, this is also delicious served with fresh red onion rings***

marinated cheese1

* this oil is the mildest so it doesn't cover the taste of the cheese.
** I prefer to let it marinate in the fridge, here it is to warm
*** if you have problems with digestion, try this tip from my dear friend Marinella
cut the onion in slices and put in cold salted water for an hour or so.
will soften the taste of the onion.
I preferred to use salvia instead of bay, as bay is more bitter in taste.

marinated cheese3

I leave you with some photos of our beautiful lake, the most charming in Italy :DDD
this week it has been incredible, clear not to hot..fantastic colours and view every day.

have a nice week.

auguriii lo 4 august 2010

sirmione in the rain 5h August 2010

after the storm 3 august 2010

I send this to Lynne from
hosting this week's herbal blogging.
thank you Lynne for hosting!!

thank's to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank's to Haalo who now managing it all :)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

pink saturday - some pink in a teabreak

since I joined Beverly in her fantastic Pink Saturday adventure, I realized I 'm surrounded by pink!
so, this morning finding me all alone, with a part of the family working and the rest sleeping I tought...
why not have some tea, relaxing in front of our beautiful lake.

sailingboat on the blue lake 7 august 2010

of course, drinking from a pink teacup, pouring from a pink teapot, using a pink "tablecloth", decorating with pink flowers! :DD

the cup is a gift from my mother
the napkin is inheritage from Grand Ma Renèe
the scarf is in silk and perfect as a precious tablecloth (gift from Florian's Aunt Greta)
the "sugarbowl" is from Conforama (Affi)
the tea holders and the milk jug from Semeraro (Sona)
the flower cups, candleholder and teapot from Ikea (Roncadelle)
the flowers are "Nerium Oleander" in pale pink

pink tea9

pink tea7

pink tea8

pink tea6

pink tea10

pink tea5

pink tea4

pink tea3

pink tea2

pink tea1

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the other Pink Saturday bloggers!
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