Sunday, 31 October 2010

Light Shortbread crust cake with prune jam and rice pudding - WHB #257

Autumn is here!! rain falling almost every day, leaves falling from the trees, sky grey and clouds dark blue...dark blue like are beautiful lake!
this is how it looked like this morning,

last morning of October 2010

The hill you see in the far end is the Rocca di Manerba, and I was there today.
I was invited to lunch by some blogger friends,
but unfortunately it rained so much, so hard
I couldn't take any photos of the other side of the Rocca.

but I can show you the beauty of this side in the early morning,
when the sun slowly rise and
illuminate Bardolino and the San Vigilio, leaving Garda in the shadow.

morning 29 octb 2010

now, that I'm not working anymore, I adore sit and wait for the sun to rise..
or like in these last days...sit and admire that fireball lightning all the sky and colouring the lake with it's warm red nuances.

sunset 29 octb 2010

it is marvelous, and it helps me calm down after these last frenetic months.
I'm studying again, trying to pass the guide exam for the forth time, probably I will not pass neither this time.
to much to study, to little time to prepare, but I realize that anyway for me it is good.
I learn a lot, and it is a help to do guiding better.


spiegando, ripspiegando..quanto adoro quel cartello!

I really like guiding! :D

Light Shortbread crust cake
 with prune jam and rice pudding

light shortbread crust with prune jam and rice pudding

I do apologize for the long name, I don't know how you call Pasta Frolla in English
and the shortbread is very similar.

the recipe is from my dear friend Alejandra, and I made just one change
I used Soy "milk" to cook the rice instead of cow milk.
I made this vegan cake for two dear friends of mine, Alice and Crii
they said it was very good, so I share it with you!

you need:
for the shortbread crust
190gr of plain flour
75gr of apple juice (room temp)
50gr of vegetal oil (I used sunflower)
2 tsp of baking powder

for the rice pudding:
500ml of soy milk
85gr of rice
a pinch of salt

prepare the dough for the crust(it is rather stitchy but that's right),
by combining all the ingredients.
but some baking paper in a mould and stretch the dough inside.
cover with prune jam (mine was a prune jam with rosemary)

prepare the rice pudding: put the milk to boil, when it is boiling pour the rice inside and cook ca 12min (it depends of the kind of rice, it should not be to boild)
let cool a little, so the rice will absorb all of the milk and become a kind of pudding.
pour over the prune jam and put the crust cake in a preheated oven at 180°C and cook
for ca 40min.
store in a covered box or bowl, if not the crust will soften.

frolla light4

* if you jam is sweet, put less sugar in the dough

here is the pic nic basket ready to go :D

frolla light6

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

mushroom in vinegar-pickled mushrooms - WHB #256

some days ago I went  with my dear friend Simoo in the woods looking for mushrooms.
this was the first time for me, so it wasn't that easy seeing them at the beginning.
but once I understood how they looked like and where to look it was easy! :D

Mafioi on tree log
mafioi su tronco

my friend Simoo

il bottino di simoo

me looking for mushrooms!

brii in cerca di funghi

I know only the name of these mushrooms in italian dialect
you can't eat them raw, they are very bitter (I tried :D)
you should boil them briefly before using them.



mushrooms in vinegar

mushrooms in vinegar

you need:

red wein viegar
bay leaf
pepper grains

mushrooms in vinegar

clean the mushrooms and if they are big, cut in even parts

put the spices in the vinegar and cook for 4-5min then add the mushrooms
15-20 sec if very small, 3-4min if they are big like champignons.
drain the mushrooms and let them dry a little between tablecloths.
let the vinegar cool.
when the vinegar is cold, put the mushrooms in a clean jar and pour over
don't put on any lid, just let marinate without for 2 days in a cool place.
then, drain the mushrooms again, pour the vinegar in a pot and cook for an other 5min.
put the mushrooms back in one or more clean jars, pour over the vinegar, add some pepper grains ans a piece of bay leaf and close lid.
let rest for 40days in a cool, dry and dark place before serving.

will conserve for at least 6 months.

mushrooms in vinegar

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

a message of love in pink - pink saturday

the weather is changing, from sunny fresh days we are slowly heading for the grey raining ones.
this is good of course, if you have new plants to plant this is the moment.
the moon is full and the stars are all in right positions.
everything is slowing down and this time of the year is perfect to plan and dream of the future.

one of these dull, slow, calm mornings I went by Helena's (daughter n°3) room,
and I found this message on the bed.
isn't it cute?

with love

it was left by Giovanni her boyfriend

gokki & giò

after so many sad thoughts in the last weeks, this made my smile and really really happy.
I felt so blessed.
join me in my happiness, and please remember to stop by my other fellow pink saturday bloggers.
I wish to thank Beverly for letting my join in her Pink Saturday event!

also remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
and if you wish, be free to copy Karen Valentine's from My Desert Cottage; pink ribbon

and this is the pale sunset yesterday evening.

pale sunset 22 october 2010

tomorrow is a new day. :)

Friday, 22 October 2010

coco and lime cookies

days are slowing down,
no rush in the morning, no anxiety getting late, no distress of not making it
just days filled with silence, with a sense of freedom, of liberty.
I know this could sound strange, knowing how much I love my job.
but when the end of the season comes, I'm so tired, mostly for the brain work.
speaking in a language not mine and that I never actually have studied is rather heavy in the end.
I could of course keep the same sentences in mind, learn everything and the repeat it
but then it wouldn't be me :DD
every time it is different, every person is new so it can never be the same.
everything changes all the time, the weather, the path, the surroundings, the people.
but never the less, the German language remains difficult!

every day this week was so beautiful, they say bad weather is coming but I do hope it will stay nice at least until Monday.
on Sunday we are going on Mount Baldo, doing all the massive (or almost, 27 of the 36km)
from Malcesine to Valfredda.
but if the weather is getting worse(there is snow up there) we'll have to wait until next spring.
please cross you fingers for us!! :D

I made this cookies for our fullmoon trekking this evening,
we do fullmoon trekking almost every month.
when the weather is good, and the sky is clear that is...well, sometimes it is  bright anyway even when it is cloudy, specially with snow.
it is fantastic fullmoon trekking in the snow!

Coco and lime cookies

you need:

cookes al cocco e lime

4 egg whites
100gr of cane sugar
160gr of grated dry coco
a pinch of salt
zest of one lime

mix all the ingredients and the just drop small heaps on a tray covered with baking paper.
bake in pre-heated oven 12-15min at 180°C.

cookies al cocco e lime

yes the summer season is definitively over! :D

summer's over 21 oct 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A Pink Thought for Iris - Pink Saturday/Rivoluzione in Rosa

pink thought for Iris

today is a very sad day for me, 
today it is 11 months since my beloved mother-in-law passed away.
this morning I will go in the woods with my dear friend Simooo collecting mushrooms.
She called me yesterday evening, 
proposing this thing to do together, 
to keep my mind on something else.
then this evening I will try to cook a special dinner,
 for my family and my father-in-law, Manfred
who is coming to dinner since that terrible day last November.
I'm trying so hard to keep our family together, 
but it is not that easy and now I understand
the efforts Iris always did.

Iris, was born in Wien in 1940.
 in that time Austria was German, 
and not a very funny place to
grow up in.
Iris's family is originally Austro-Hungarian, 
they fled from their little village to Austria
in the late '30.
Iris's childhood was not very happy, 
she was a lone child, and her mother was an actress.
Iris's was sent to a collage in Switzerland to be protected during the war, 
but she got ill
and had to come back home again.
after the war Iris and her mother Renée moved to Hamburg 
and here 16 years old she met
since then they have always been together,
 and it is so heartbreaking seeing him alone
every day now.

Iris's got breast cancer, like my mother, like many many many other women.
she was operated and everything seemed solved,
 but then 5 years ago she got ill again.
after many suggestions, doctors reading, 
they finally understood
bone cancer.

these last 5 years has been intense, hard, strong, meaningful and so full of love.
she wanted to see us every Sunday like all almost 30years of Sundays before.
she organized trips, cookies baking for all nephews, vacations, birthday parties
for everyone.
every day a little slower, every day with more difficulty...
until one day she fell a sleep and didn't wake up anymore.
16 Novembre 2010

pink thought for Iris

I found a photo of Christmas 2008, Iris, Manfred and us

my family

and I have two nice photos of Manfred and us, Florian, Helena, Sofi and me
when possible I try to organize light trekkings for all my family.

con manfred


I wish to thank Beverly to have given me this opportunity to tell you about Iris.
this post also goes to Mammafelice who also wants us to be more
sensible to the prevention of breast cancer

in Italy this month it is possible to do mammography free
in 390 places around Italy.
you can find where to do it in these two sites

   take care of yourselves

Friday, 15 October 2010

persimmon jam with lime and pepper - WHB #255

autumn colours are so beautiful, 
and the brisk air makes everything look even more sharp and clear.

loc virle - marciaga

it gives you strenght and lust to DO things|

loc virle - marciaga

like trekking, like working in the garden, 
like changing (anything, also just a new tablesetting), 
like preserving

come erano le tende?

morus nigra 10 oct 2010

BBQ 10 oct 2010

and this jam has the colour of Autumn

kaki jam with lime - confettura di kaki al lime

Persimmon jam with lime and pepper

1,950kg of persimmon (kaki)
550gr of sugar
1 lime (zest and juice)
1 tbsp of mixed pepper grains
2 apples

clean and peel the persimmon,
put in a plastic or glass bowl, add sugar,pepper grains lime juice and zest
mix well cover with a cloth and let marinate over the night in a cool place.
the next day pour the mixture in a pot add the peeled apples cut in small cubes
and heat up.
when boiling, lower the heat and let cook gently for 40-50min.
pour in clean glasses and close lid.
let cool up-side-down.
store in a cool, dry and dark place.
will conserve uptill 2 years.

kaki jam with lime - confettura di kaki al lime

it is very, very important that the persimmon are ripe. if not the jam will get a very bitter
taste, and there is no use adding sugar.
the bitterness will remain.

kaki jam with lime - confettura di kaki al lime

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Autumn colours

I know Luciano for some years, he is the one that gives me summer fruits to make all my jams. he works from April to September here nearby, and the in the Autumn/Winter
he goes around selling chestnuts, roasted chestnuts.
one of the last times we met I made acquaintance with one of his friends, a farmer
named Matteo.
Matteo has some old fruit trees in his garden, and he was so nice that he pick some
of them and made my a surprise.
12kg of quince
12 kg of persimmon (sharon fruit or cachi)
4kg of jujube (does anyone know them? they are delicious)
3kg of chestnuts (well, they came from Luciano :DDD )

so beautiful autumn colours I decided to make a centerpiece for  lunch that very day!

cesto autunnale - autumn basket

 basket with quince, persimmon, jujube, chestnuts and walnuts.

tablescape in autumn colours

a closeup, you can see the jujubes behind the chestnuts.

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

tablescape in autumn colours

cesto autunnale - autumn basket

tablecloth: russian linen (gift from Dasha, Erik's girlfriend)
jug: inheritance from Aunt Eva
mugs: terracotta mugs given at a Medieval Feast in Affi
(you can read the name Affius on the mugs)
plates/trays: Dinera from IKEA
breadsaucers:  plant pots plates from Ikea 
(how do you call them?)
napkins: paper from Ikea
salt&pepper: inheritance from Grandmother Renèe
bread: 4 cereals

thank you Susan for hosting this beautiful event
please stop by to visit my fellow tablescapers

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