Friday, 21 January 2011

Alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas - MLLA 31

winter morning, everything looks so clear, so near

good morning 21 jan 2011

I'm really enjoying every day, even the last foggy days
lake in the morning mist 12 jan 2011

winter is a good period of thinking, dreaming, hoping and waiting
this is my favorite tree, it is a Quercus Pubescens - Downy Oak
it is the last to loose it's leaves, but the first to have new ones.
actually it arrives in April, with both and old leaves!
quercus against the light 21 jan 2011

it was one of the trees we found here when we bought the house. we have 8 oaks, 13 olive trees, a mulberry tree

morus nigra

and a small forest of Robinia Pseudoacacia - False Acacia. I love when the spring wind blows and dissipate the small perfumed white flowers of the Acacia, all over the lawn.
it is so romantic :-)

but now, I enjoy seeing the Jasminus Nudiflorum starting to bloom. every day it have an new yellow flower. it feels the Spring is coming! :-)

jasminus nudiflorum

I wanted to try something different with the chickpeas, the first time it came out rather good.
even Ilaria (one of our 7 cats)liked it, she eat the part I had put away to make the photo, even the chickpeas!
this is not the first time she does that! :-DDD

ilaria in agguato

Alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

you need:

250gr of dry chickpeas( let swell over night)
fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, salvia, majoran, parsley for ex)
1 garlic clove
1 radicchio
150gr of spinach (steamed)
2 carrots (peeled and cut in pieces, steamed)
2 fennels (cut in 1/4 and steamed)
300gr of fresh or marinated Alici (anchovies)
home made breadcrumbs

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

put the swelled chickpeas in a pressure cooker together with the peeled garlic and the fresh herbs. cover with water, and close lid.
cook 15min after the whistle

in the meantime steam the carrots, spinach and fennels, seperately.
slice the radicchio salad
rinse the alici if they are marinated

when the chickpeas are ready, drain them and put them in a salad bowl.
add all the other vegetables, and the alici

mix well, serve lukewarm with toasted home made breadcrumbs

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

this recipe goes to Simona hosting this months MLLA 31
and here is Susan's host lineup


  1. I would fly to Lake Garda for that salad. It's just the way I love to eat!

  2. There she is! Ilaria e' intelligente. Bellissime foto, come al solito. E la tua insalata e' davvero interessante. Mi piace il connubio terra e mare, pesci e legumi. Grazie per il tuo contributo a MLLA!

  3. @ joan, when ever you decide to fly, alici, chickpeas, lake, cats
    all of us, are waiting for you!

    @simona, intelligentissima! :-DDD
    grazie di aver ospitato, Simona.
    è stato un vero piacere partecipare!
    sono proprio contenta e ho un sacco di ricette nuove da provare.


  4. My kitchen is a mess, I can't even find my anchovies. This is a tasty meal to try though. I'll cook it when I have time.


thank's for passing by :)

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