Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mari's Crustless zucchini quiche - WHB #268

it is so cold in these days, together with humidity it is rather unpleasant.
this doesn't keeps us at home, you just have to dress right and then the weather is not a big problem.
the other day I went trekking with my daughter Gokki (daughter n° 3)
her she is embracing a pine.

I actually prefer the garda lake in the winter,
the colors, the loneliness, the atmosphere is special

late afternoon 27 jan 2011

it was a little windy (cold wind) so the boats where been rocked on the water.
there where small waves on the surface, the sun low in the sky trying to get through the heavy clouds.

boats in the sunset 27 jan 2011

others don't even bother to look out the window, they find a cosy, warm place and stay there until you don't tell them that it IS a kitchen bench and should be used to prepare
food, not used as a comfortable coach! :-DDDD

the problem is that my kitchen is really small what you see, it what it is! that's all,
so with Giulia sleeping in the middle, you can't do anything. :-DD
but isn't she sweet?

it is a fortune that the other 6 cats stays in other places, it could have been very crowded
with all 7 of them on the bench! :-DDDD

I found this recipe on Mari's blog "once upon a plate", I found here in of Susan's " between naps on the porch"tablescape Thursday's 
mari doesn't give any recipe, so I tried by myself.
I also used little glass jars (these are yogurt jars) I like very much to serve
small personal portions, and these are 150ml perfect served as finger food.

 Mari's crustless zucchini quiche


you need for 6 150ml glass jars

1 big zucchini
2 eggs
200gr of ricotta
a big piece of grated Parmigiano cheese
a big piece of some other grated hard cheese (I used Leerdamer)
milk to whisk together

cut the zucchini in very tiny slices (almost trasparent)

put the slices in the jars
wisk together the other ingredients and pour over
bake in oven: 230°C for 20-25min
serve lukewarm with some fresh flowers of mint or thyme


My dear friend Astrid from
Foodblog Pulchens is hosting this week.
thank you Astrid for hosting.

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

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