Tuesday, 1 February 2011

TIn Can Recipes - 200 years of Canning!

Tin Can Recipes....200 years of canning.

food in tin cans celebrates 200 years!!
and by it's look you couldn't tell.

why do we want to do this collection of recipes?

simply, because everybody, from upper class to lower, in every part of the world uses tin cans.
200 years of canning has transformed our way of cooking, conserving, stocking, re-cycling and shopping...

after had read the article on the Italian magazine "La Cucina Italiana" of January 2011, about this happy bicentennial, we found out that tinning was invented already in 1321, and in 1811 a British factory in London started to produce food in tin cans.
there are more the 1500 different food tin canned, hundred of thousand of tin cans sold every day in any part of the world...

aren't these arguments enough to celebrate worthily this Bicentennial?
to us it seemed right, so let's celebrate!

the rules are very simple:

1) everybody can join, with or without blog

2) make a dish, or more using all the tin cans you like.
no limit of tin cans or their ingredients.
use the tin cans your familiar with or from other country
why not an interesting fusion?

3) put the logo in you post, make a photo of you dish, with the tin can(s) you have used. I you want tell us why you used these(those) in particular, tell us why you use tin cans and if you use them often or not.

add the link to this post and links to these blogs

if don't have a blog just e-mail the recipe(s) and a photo.

To submit your post, send an email to:
with RECIPE IN A TIN CAN in the subject and containing the following information:
  1. Your Name
  2. Name of Your Blog
  3. Title and URL of Your Recipe Post
  4. Your Location (If you wish)
  5. Photo of the dish size 300 px wide
the deadline is the 20th of every month, 12 o'clock Rome time

4) you can also send us your published recipe, but we ask you to make a new post
add the logo and a photo of the tin cans you have used.

5) the event starts on 1 of February and end 1 of December 2011, you can post one or more recipes during the month but must submit them before or on the 20th of each month.
the monthly recap will be published on the 25th of each month.
at the end of this event we will make a PDF with all the recipes received.


  1. I will definitely participate. I've got a few ideas in mind.

  2. thank's Joan, I was counting on you.


thank's for passing by :)

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