Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mari's Crustless zucchini quiche - WHB #268

it is so cold in these days, together with humidity it is rather unpleasant.
this doesn't keeps us at home, you just have to dress right and then the weather is not a big problem.
the other day I went trekking with my daughter Gokki (daughter n° 3)
her she is embracing a pine.

I actually prefer the garda lake in the winter,
the colors, the loneliness, the atmosphere is special

late afternoon 27 jan 2011

it was a little windy (cold wind) so the boats where been rocked on the water.
there where small waves on the surface, the sun low in the sky trying to get through the heavy clouds.

boats in the sunset 27 jan 2011

others don't even bother to look out the window, they find a cosy, warm place and stay there until you don't tell them that it IS a kitchen bench and should be used to prepare
food, not used as a comfortable coach! :-DDDD

the problem is that my kitchen is really small what you see, it what it is! that's all,
so with Giulia sleeping in the middle, you can't do anything. :-DD
but isn't she sweet?

it is a fortune that the other 6 cats stays in other places, it could have been very crowded
with all 7 of them on the bench! :-DDDD

I found this recipe on Mari's blog "once upon a plate", I found here in of Susan's " between naps on the porch"tablescape Thursday's 
mari doesn't give any recipe, so I tried by myself.
I also used little glass jars (these are yogurt jars) I like very much to serve
small personal portions, and these are 150ml perfect served as finger food.

 Mari's crustless zucchini quiche


you need for 6 150ml glass jars

1 big zucchini
2 eggs
200gr of ricotta
a big piece of grated Parmigiano cheese
a big piece of some other grated hard cheese (I used Leerdamer)
milk to whisk together

cut the zucchini in very tiny slices (almost trasparent)

put the slices in the jars
wisk together the other ingredients and pour over
bake in oven: 230°C for 20-25min
serve lukewarm with some fresh flowers of mint or thyme


My dear friend Astrid from
Foodblog Pulchens is hosting this week.
thank you Astrid for hosting.

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pear and chocolate cake- Happy Anniversary! -

Happy tablescape Thursday!
I know I know, probably you are all already thinking about St. Valentines day,
(by the way have you seen Susan's valentine breakfast?)
but yesterday my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary!

it seems yesterday we knew each other,
it seems yesterday everything started
it seems yesterday, but it is today and will be tomorrow

I believe that every day is a new day, nothing is for granted, you have to earn love and respect, you have to show love and respect, you have to pull up your sleeves and work hard together to stay together.
and now since my dear mother in law is not here with us anymore, all this gets more important. you have to live and enjoy every day, every minute of it!
so, stay close to each other, help each other, love each other.

I found this on the table in the morning.
Flo & Brii
Happy Anniversary 26 jan 2011

and as I had told Gokki (daughter n°3) that her grandmother always used to bring
me the years first Primroses as gift, for our wedding anniversary
when she came back in the evening, she and her boy friend Giovanni, brought my
a bunch of colorfull primroses.
the photo didn't come our very well, but it was very very pretty, and I hope you can
immagine the atmosphere.

Happy Anniversary 26 jan 2011

I'm tried again this morning. :-D

Happy Anniversary 26 jan 2011

Happy Anniversary 26 jan 2011

Pear and Chocolate cake
this is a very simple cake, the recipe comes from the Thermomix  Recipe Book

Pear and Chocolate cake -Torta pere -cioccolato

you need:

100gr dark chocolate + 1 tbsp bitter cocoa
200gr of sugar*
100gr of soft butter
230gr of flour
70gr of potato starch
1 yogurt of 125gr
80gr of milk
3 eggs
18gr of raising powder (one sachet)
1 sachet of vanilla
a pinch of salt
2 pears (ca 600gr), peeled and cut into small cubes

icing sugar for decorations

Pear and Chocolate cake -Torta pere -cioccolato


oven at 180°C
grind chocolate and sugar.
add the soften butter, eggs, milk, yogurt and the vanilla, blend until smooth
add the flour and the potato starch, mix well and when it is without lumps add the
baking powder.
mix well, and pour in small baking moulds (mine are in ceramic)
add the pear cubes in the mould and mix carefully.
put in the oven (I put all the moulds on a baking try to manage easily)
bake for ca 35-40min.
check the middle if it is dry.
let cool a little and season with the icing sugar.

gives you 9 moulds containing ca 180gr-200gr of cake each

Pear and Chocolate cake -Torta pere -cioccolato

my father in law, gave my a bouquet of flowers

26th jan - 26 year anniversary :-D

please stop to visit my fellow tablescapers.
you find them at Susan's

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Home made Ginger Tea - WHB #267

good morning garda lake! 23 jan 2011

beautiful morning, and also the rest of the day was very nice
icy cold but in the sun it was rather warm.

ginger tea2

I've done absolutely nothing all day, just relaxing working a little in the garden.
I'm waiting for the next full moon to some pruning, it is to dangerous now
it is still under zero at night, and that can damage the plants.

ginger tea3

this afternoon I tried the new tisane I have made.
it was good! not like the one Anna from the Mill Bertolini gave me as Christmas gift
but nevertheless using simply ingredients I'm satisfied.

ginger tea7

Home made Ginger Tea

ginger tea4

you need:
candied ginger*
dried orange peel
cinnamon sticks

peel orange and dry in the oven at 50°C-75°C for 2 hours
then cut the peels in tiny slices and put back in the oven to finish to dry (takes another couple of hours)
crush roughly the cinnamon sticks and the cloves
mix all ingredients and put in a glass jar.
keep in a dry, cool and dark place.
will conserve for 4-6months.

ginger tea5


it is rather long to make candied ginger, but I have tried also just dry the ginger in oven like the orange peel.
it is nice, put lose it's strong perfume. if you prefer a lighter taste, you can use dried
peel and slice the fresh ginger. then put on a baking tray covered with baking paper
and let dry in oven at 50°-75°C for 6-8 hours.

you can add green tea leaves if you like.

put two teaspoons of tisane in a cup, add hot water and let it rest for 6-7min (close with a lid or a little plate)

ginger tea5

Min from Honest Vanilla is hosting this week's herbal blogging for the first time
thank you Min for hosting!

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

Friday, 21 January 2011

Alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas - MLLA 31

winter morning, everything looks so clear, so near

good morning 21 jan 2011

I'm really enjoying every day, even the last foggy days
lake in the morning mist 12 jan 2011

winter is a good period of thinking, dreaming, hoping and waiting
this is my favorite tree, it is a Quercus Pubescens - Downy Oak
it is the last to loose it's leaves, but the first to have new ones.
actually it arrives in April, with both and old leaves!
quercus against the light 21 jan 2011

it was one of the trees we found here when we bought the house. we have 8 oaks, 13 olive trees, a mulberry tree

morus nigra

and a small forest of Robinia Pseudoacacia - False Acacia. I love when the spring wind blows and dissipate the small perfumed white flowers of the Acacia, all over the lawn.
it is so romantic :-)

but now, I enjoy seeing the Jasminus Nudiflorum starting to bloom. every day it have an new yellow flower. it feels the Spring is coming! :-)

jasminus nudiflorum

I wanted to try something different with the chickpeas, the first time it came out rather good.
even Ilaria (one of our 7 cats)liked it, she eat the part I had put away to make the photo, even the chickpeas!
this is not the first time she does that! :-DDD

ilaria in agguato

Alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

you need:

250gr of dry chickpeas( let swell over night)
fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, salvia, majoran, parsley for ex)
1 garlic clove
1 radicchio
150gr of spinach (steamed)
2 carrots (peeled and cut in pieces, steamed)
2 fennels (cut in 1/4 and steamed)
300gr of fresh or marinated Alici (anchovies)
home made breadcrumbs

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

put the swelled chickpeas in a pressure cooker together with the peeled garlic and the fresh herbs. cover with water, and close lid.
cook 15min after the whistle

in the meantime steam the carrots, spinach and fennels, seperately.
slice the radicchio salad
rinse the alici if they are marinated

when the chickpeas are ready, drain them and put them in a salad bowl.
add all the other vegetables, and the alici

mix well, serve lukewarm with toasted home made breadcrumbs

alici (anchovies) in salad with chickpeas

this recipe goes to Simona hosting this months MLLA 31
and here is Susan's host lineup

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pasta con alici (anchovies)- Dani's way

relaxing 13 jan 2011

this morning, looking out of my bedroom window the whole world was grey.
hm, where was the sun promised
 I've been looking on weather forecasts everyday and was sure that I've seen the figure of a sun on todays forecast!
 well, it really doesn't matter, this morning we (Monica, Dani and I) had agreed to do some quick trekking along the lake. of course, with sun, blue sky and white clouds everything would look much better, but it was very nice any way.

blue water-blue sky 13 jan 2011

the lake was very calm, and had a deep blue color, almost the same as the sky above.
looking towards Torri on the other side of beautiful San Vigilio promontory, you could see it was lighter then on this side, and both Monica and Dani said that above Garda - in Costermano and Marciaga the sun was shining. immediately all three of thought..Monte Baldo!
but for this time the lake side walk would have to do.

bardolino in the sun 13 jan  2011

it is a rather quick walk, forward and back in little more than 2hours.
takes longer if you stop to drink cappuccino in Cisano (and we always do :-D)
all together it is about 14km.
the sun is coming 13 jan 2011

and when we reached Garda again, the sun was struggling to get through the fog and for some moments it looked it would win the fight, but then the fog was stronger and slowly closed the whole the sun had tried so hard to do.

Pasta con Alici (anchovies)  - Dani's way
this pasta is an idea of my friend Daniela, I told her and Monica about the misadventure
I have had with a new dish I've tried.
warm salad of chickpeas  with Alici (anchovies). (I wanted to do something for Simona, who's hosting MLLA) it came out very good, but it was late so I put the plate in the oven (off) so I could make a photo the next day.
during the night, Giulia or Ilaria (I suspect of Ilaria, she has longer legs!) two of our 6 cats, jumped from the kitchen counter and opened the oven door and eating it all!!! even the chickpeas!!! can you imagine?

anyway, while the chickpeas was swelling again, I tried Daniela's recipe!
very very good!!! thank's Daniiiiiiii!!! :-***

pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way

you need:
300gr of alici (fresh or marinated, mine were marinated)*
1 clove of garlic
extra vergin olive oil
breadcrumbs (home made of course ;) )
ca 400gr of spaghetti

pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way

put water for the pasta to boil.
in a pan heat up the oil and add the peeled garlic clove.
pay attention it doesn't burn.
lower the heat and the alici, put aside some for decoration.

let the alici almost melt then put aside. when the pasta is cooked**, strain it and put in the pan with the alici. heat up quickly, add the breadcrumbs*** and toss the pasta thoroughly
serve immediately decorated with the alici put aside.

pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way

* mine alici were marinated in vinegar and herbs. I washed them quickly and carefully before using them.
** I usually strain 2-min before finish time. I like the pasta very "al dente", put in this case (and always when you add the pasta with sauces, because in the pan the pasta keep cooking), it is better do so, so you want find a softish pasta in you plate.
*** I used  home made breadcrumbs with aromatic herbs.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

ananas jam with rosemary - WHB #265

days are so grey and cold lately, and I'm so longing for the spring.

penisola di sirmione 2 jan  2010

basso lago 2 jan 2010
view of the lake from home

but just one look at my Mahonia, even with snow on it's leaves, makes my smile.
it is full of butts, and it tells my nothing can stop the spring from coming,
it just question of time.


the lust of spring and of yellow colour, the perfume of the rosemary, the only herb still life and strong, made me make this jam.

ananas jam with rosemary

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

500gr of ananas peeled and diced
2 sprigs of rosemary
200gr of sugar*
5-7gr of pectin**

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

put the diced ananas and the rosemary in a pot and cook slowly for ca one hour.
now and then mix delicately.
let cool and rest over the night in a cool place.
the next day, add the sugar and the pectin and put to cook again.
let  take a strong boil, mixing all the time let cook for 5-7min
skip the rosemary and pour in clean jars, close lids and put up side down to cool compleately.
will conserve for one year.
it is delicious on hard whole grain bread

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

*-** you can add more sugar and skip the pectin if you prefer a sweeter jam
*-** add 120gr of sugar and 10gr of pectin if you prefer a bitter jam.

 I send this recipe to Haalo hosting this week's herbal blogging

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

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