Monday, 28 February 2011

Cuor di Mela. Apple hearts- small bites -Monthy Mingle

I don't celebrate San Valentino, for two reasons
the first is because, Erik (son n°1) is born the 14th February and usually we celebrate his birthday and the other reason is because in Italy it is become a very commercial celebration.
this year Erik was in Rome with his girlfriend and I unfortunately had the funeral of a dear friend of mine and where not in the mood to celebrate.

so, Gokki (daughter n°3) had the house of her own and made a little dinner for her boy friend Giovanni.
I apologize for the bad quality of the photos, everybody had shaky hands :-DDDD

the table with candles and red hearts spread everywhere

candle lights are a "must"


the table with all the plates


even the gnocchi was served in heartshape

cuor di gnocchi1

mozzarella and tomato too




pomodoro 1

potatoes can also be heart shaped


Cuor di Mela - Apple hearts

cuor di mela3

you need:
for 20 heart shaped cookies
100gr butter
100gr sugar
1 egg
200gr plain flour
1 sachet of vanilla
1 tsp of baking powder

for the filling:
2 apples
20gr of butter
ground cinnamon
icing sugar

cuor di mela2

whisk the sugar and the butter with a fork, add the egg and bate until cream.
add the flour, vanilla and baking powder and work the pastry until all is mixed together.
let rest in fridge for at least 30min.
in the meanwhile peel, and cut the apples in small cubes.
put in a pan together with the butter, little water and the cinnamon, cook gently for 10min
let cool completely.
roll out the dough and with a cookie cutter, cut out 40 hearts.
put some apples in the middle of one heart and put over the other.
press around edges very well.
put the hearts on a baking tray covered with baking paper.
bake at 180° C for ca 12/15min.
season with icing sugar before serving.

cuor di mela4

this goes to Astrid from
Pulchens Foodblog hosting this month's "Monthly Mingle"

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ginger sirup - WHB #272

ginger sirup - sciroppo di zenzero

I'm late with everything
home chores, studies and other working things to finish.
I should finish the description of 4 new paths I found to put in this year's trekking program
on our site Fit&Sun, but I didn't.
I would like to put the same descriptions on my blog so if you ever come to the Garda Lake and the Mount Baldo, you could trek too. :-)

today I haven't done much beside coping the tis recipe from Milena's blog.
very easy and soo good!
with the ginger that remained after the filtering of the sirup I made a kind of "candid ginger"
following (more or less :-DD) Sandra' s recipe.

Ginger sirup

ginger sirup - sciroppo di zenzero

you need
200ml of water
200gr of sugar
100gr of fresh ginger
I made the double, but it is still to little!

put the water to boil and the add then add the peeled and cubed ginger.
let cook for 5min and then let cool for 2hours.
filter twice (once with a colander and then with filter paper)
this is good to add in water for refreshing summer drinks, or poured on ice creams and panna cottas.

ginger sirup - sciroppo di zenzero

yesterday it was a very nice day, sunny and not to cold. (we started with -3,5°)


23,5km but without any big mountain climbings :-DDD
a calm walk with a lot of talking and laughing

sulle scale4

Chiesa di san siro


torri del benaco

this is my entry for this week's herbal blogging
hosted by
Simona di Bricole
she is hosting the Italian version too!

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Friday, 25 February 2011

tin can recipes #1 -The round up

the round up of the first month of  Tin Can Recipes #1 you can find on Tincan-recipes.
We thought it would be a good idea to make a new blog
for the "canning" recipes
Thank's to the bloggers that have join us in this first month, 
and remember that the next ones can
be submitted within 20March.
please send you entries to:

tin can recipes is made together with

Ale, Fra, Paola e Sere
my Italian blog

Sunday, 20 February 2011

WHB #271 - Fennel, endive, apple and nuts sallad

The season has started, must earlier than expected.
this year Easter comes late, 24th of April so I thought my rest would be longer.
but I have been involved in a new project that brings me to the other side of the Garda lake. to Limone, I guide people staying in La Limonaia
a hotel build in an old structure where lemons once were grown, in fact the name
Limonaia, means where lemons were grown.
this is the view of the hotel. 
you can see the whole chain of Monte Baldo on the other side of the lake.
from Altissimo di Nago on the left, down to Costabella to the right.
in the middle, the flat part, you have Colma Di Malcesine

view  from La Limonaia

beautiful isn't it? 

Fennel, endive, apple and nuts sallad

this is a salad I tried the first time in the early 90's, it was brought by my dear friend Lilian
at one of our first lunches among girl friends. 
I add endives as I love them very much.

fennel, apple, nuts salad - insalata finocchi, mele e noci

you need:
roughly chopped nuts

for the vinaigrette:
lemon juice
grated fresh ginger
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

peel and cut the vegetables in fine slices
do the same with the apples( season with some lemon juice so they will not get brownish)
prepare the vinaigrette mixing all the ingredients.
put the vegetables and the slices of apples in a salad bowl.
mix gently, pour the vinaigrette, the nuts and mix again.
serve and enjoy

fennel, apple, nuts salad - insalata finocchi, mele e noci

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Cocktail Pear, vodka and lime

it is Friday again, little past five, it is time for the Friday 5 o'clock swill!

Cocktail Pear, vodka and lime

lasta time I was in Ikea, I found a funny tin can.
it was a soft drink with bubbles (carbonated), with Pear taste.
I bought two not knowing exactly what to do with them,
so I've been looking for these cans for more then 10days
and yesterday I tried something.
this is for you Sam of the bar Il Porticciolo of Castelletto.
happy birthday!

pears, vodka and lime

you need:
vodka q.b
lime zests
pear soft drink with bubbles  (IKEA)

pears, vodka and lime

leave the lime zests in the vodka for a couple of hours (in the fridge)
pour in glasses and add the pear soft drink

it is good!

this is the sunset this evening. Finally it has been so grey and foggy the last 10days.

orange 18 febb 2011

sunset 18 febb 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

Novel Food #12 - Whole wheat bread

during this last years I have got more and more interested in the history of my surroundings and, as this is a little place where people easily get to know each other,
I have had the pleasure and the honour to make acquaintance with authors of  books
of the history of Lake Garda.
this is the last book in my "liberary",
 a gift from Fabio Gaggia, the author and also a dear friend.

il mulino dei padri camaldolesi

it is a story of a flour mill, but also the story about a Monastery
the Monastery of San Giorgio and the Monastic community of Camaldoli

the story of the flour mill and it's owners starts in the 9th Century A.C
the first notes that was found is in a "contract" dated 862 A.D.
and the last one is with the beginning of Second World War, when the flour mill
definitively stops working.
over one thousand year of vicissitudes of people around this flour mill.
stories of birth, death, love stories, quarrels, war and peace.
and the mingle, the heart, the center of all this is the flour mill.

tablescape in beige

I bake our bread for at least 10years now, I started because our daughter
Gokki (daughter n° 3) was allergic of a bunch of things.
now she better but I still make our bread.

usually it is a durum wheat bread, but sometimes it is
Whole wheat bread
tablescape in beige

 you need:

900gr of water
1.200 kg of whole wheat flour
plain flour q.b.*
5gr of fresh yeast

whole wheat bread - fullkorns bröd - pane integrale

melt the yeast in the water. add the whole wheat flour and the white one until
you have a dough that is sticky but firm.
it is good if it is sticky, this helps the dough to rise.
cover the dough with plastic film and let rise in a cool place for 12-14hours.
the spill out the dough on a baking tray covered with baking paper
bake in oven 250°C for 30min then lower to 190-180° C for other 40min.**

whole wheat bread - fullkorns bröd - pane integrale

* I usually start with the water and then add so much flour the water "asks" for
it is different every time, because it depends on what flour I use
all flour is different and absorbs differently. this dough is important it remains sticky, that will give you the softness insides.
** I start from a cold oven, and high heat. this gives me the crunchy crust.

This is my contribution to the 12th edition of Novel Food, the literary/culinary event that Lisa of Champaign Taste and Simona of Briciole have been co-hosting for some time. It all started from a conversation on the food in the Montalbano's novels, which gave us the idea of marrying literature and food in a blog event.

Friday, 11 February 2011

schweppes tonica with angostura - Friday O'clock swill

for this Friday o'clock swill, I have prepared one of my summer favorites

Schweppes tonica with angostura

schweppes con angostura

you need
for each person

one bottle 180ml of icing cold Schweppes Tonica
some drops of Angostura

mix and enjoy!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Simooo's pasta with tapenade - Presto pasta night #200!!!

if you have the opportunity make more pasta than needed, keep very "all dente", let cool throughly and try this version.
let marinate until the next day in the fridge and serve with a bunch of fresh basil leaves.
this is also perfect to bring on a pic nic.

pasta di simo con tapenade

Simooo's pasta with Tapenade

cold cooked short pasta like "Farfalle" (butterflies) for.ex
black olives
canned tuna
mozzarella cut in tiny cubes
small tomatoes (cocktail or datteri for. ex)
fresh basilico leaves

for the Tapenade salsa
for 6 persone (more or less :-D)

30gr of anchioves
1 garlic clove
100gr of black or green olives (stoned)
20gr of capers
30gr of canned tuna in extra virgin olive oil
juice of 1/2 lemon
50gr of extra virgin olive oil

put all the ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth.
now and then bring together the compound and blend again.
if you wish a smoother salsa add olive oil while blending.

add the first ingredients to the cooled pasta, then add the tapenade, toss and mix well.
just before serving add fresh basil leaves (a lot!)

I send this to Helen from Fuss Free Flavours
hosting the 200th Presto pasta night!
thank's also to Ruth the Creator of this event.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pineapple jam with grapefruit and lime - WHB #269

I'm not feeling well yet, this flu is worse than I thought, so no trekking today either.

but the weather was so warm and it actually was cosy sitting outside and read
read, that means study some new tour to trek!
I found two.
they are perfect for Nordic walking, so I think I will ask my Nordic group to join me
in these ones. :-D
this is the beautiful book of Monte Baldo, Giorgio and Michele has written
and also given me (Giorgio is a dear friend)
escursioni sul baldo

I also made some order among the primroses Gokki (daughter n°3) and Giovanni
(almost-son n°5) has given us on our wedding anniversary.
I must admit I don't like primroses very much, I think they are a little to colorfull, to vivid
it could be nice all white or all light yellow, like the wild ones.
but no, Gokki and Giò brought me 15 primroses in almost 15 different colors. 
help! :-DDD

anyway if you divid them there not that bad after all.

the red ones put together
red primeroses

one pink one together with the Iberis sempervirens
primerose &iberis sempervirens

one purple in the herb pot, only fennel but the chives will soon come
primerose & fennel

another pink one together with the parsley
primerose &parsley

the yellow one in the almost empty pot where the aster and ceratostigma was
primerose &aster

and one in the yucca pot
primerose & agave

the english ivy decoration was dry and old so I made a new one
with cherry laurel, myrtle, lavendel, rosemary, gray santolina, common box, and one last flower of the catalpa tree.

candles with herbs

candles with herbs

candles with herbs

Pineapple jam with grapefruit and lime


you need:
1 pineapple
5 grapefruits (ca1kg)
500gr of lime
1kg of sugar
1l of water
slice the grapefruits and the lime very thin. discard the beginning and the end, and also seeds
cover with the water and cook until almost tender. 
in the meanwhile peel and cube the pineapple.
add it to the other fruit and cook an other half an hour.
add the sugar, give it a quick boil, mix well and the let rest until the next day
the next day finish cooking, it will take some 20-25min.
pour in clean jars and close lid.
let cool up side down.
will conserve for two years if stored in a cool,dark and dry place.



it is not a sweet jam, it is pleasantly bitter.

this is my entry to WHB this week
hosted by Janet from Taste Space
thank's Janet for hosting

I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing
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